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Common Pests in Vancouver Washington and How to Get Rid of Them

Dealing with pests can be a difficult part of urban living. Vancouver is home to many different kinds of insects, bugs, and vermin. This also means you’ll be dealing with raccoons, skunks, coyotes as well as other wild animals.

Considering Vancouver is a populated area, the grotesque insects often conglomerate and make their habitat. Thus, pest control becomes an essential part of your life. It is important that you hire a reliable pest control company. Pointe Pest Control is one of the most popular companies in the city. They offer 100% satisfaction to their customers.

Some of the common pest that you’ll encounter while living in Vancouver are as follows:

Boxelder Bug – As a Vancouver resident, you are more likely to come across Boxelder Bugs. This red and black bug is usually referred to as a Maple bug or Garage Beetle. It is an annoying character and is often known to crawl into homes, munching indoor plants, and staining walls and curtains with its excreta.

Boxelder Bugs are attracted to warm weather, and usually seen in the summer months. They crawl into crevices and cracks of your home, during the winter season and hibernate. As soon as the summer season starts, you’ll find them everywhere in huge numbers.

A good pest control company will help you safely get rid of these bugs. However, the best way to combat them is by preventing them from entering your home.

Ants – Ants is a common problem that one faces in Vancouver throughout the year. There are many different types of ants, but the most destructive ones are the carpenter ants. They hollow out the wood and cause a lot of structural damage.

The carpenter ants appear in warm months. You need to watch out for them during the spring and summer season. They can be found in.

  • Wood shavings pile
  • High moisture areas like basements & crawl spaces
  • Trails outside your house

Carpenter ant bites are strong and can be very painful. It is best that you call a professional to deal with carpenter ant infestation.

Rodents – Vancouver is a prime breeding ground for rodents in the summers. Critters like rats and mice can cause a lot of damage to your property and everything in it. There are a few things that you can do to keep these rodents at bay:

  • Regularly clean your yard. Uproot the weeds and all the plants that are growing touching your house walls
  • Seal the entry points to your house for rats
  • Store the food in airtight containers

Hornets – Hornets are relentless and fierce when provoked. Even the bald faced hornets shoot their venom at the attacker’s eyes. They build light gray color nests, about the size of basketball, having a teardrop opening at the bottom. These nests are often found in bushes and trees.

Other pests commonly found in Vancouver are honey bees, yellow jackets, bed bugs, mosquitoes, spiders, wasps, fleas and ticks.

To conclude, if you want to enjoy your summers without stressing out, then partner with one of the trusted pest control companies in Vancouver. Do not let those annoying rodents and pests damper the best time of the year.

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