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3 Things To Consider When Redesigning Your Living Room

The living room can quickly become a dumping ground for everything. The family comes in, drops it off and moves on, leaving your main space to become a heaping, overwhelming pile. If your room is becoming too much for you, take the time to clean it up and establish some general rules. They may reduce your messiness and your stress.

Keep It Simple

Sometimes less is more when you think about your living space. Focus on reducing clutter and unsightly sights. Start with streamlining your entertainment area. Too much can become chaotic, leading to stress. This area should remain focused on your must needs only.

Make a list of what you like to do in this area. Are you interested in family games? Do you like to chill and catch up on shows? Are you interested in video games? Use these to guide the design. If it doesn’t fit in with these concepts, pass on the items.

Elevate and Space Out

Spread things out so it’s not clustered together. The idea here is to provide soothing space. For instance, a crowded entertainment stand could bring on anxiety. Instead, hang the television on the wall as it draws the eyes up, permitting some open space. This decision creates more openness and falls in line with the simple theme discussed earlier. Avoid hanging cords by using broadband power dividers to split internet and cable connectors. Then, work with electricians to have the appropriate circuits installed in needed locations.

Embrace the Basket

There are some things that you can’t get rid of, but you can hide. Baskets could be the solution to this conundrum, allowing you to house small items out of sight in a tidy way. Coffee tables or hideaway footrests give you secret spaces. They often look cute and stylish, giving you something sleek and simple with massive functionality.

For instance, do you have little kids? Their toys are often tiny, taking up space and causing clutter. Get them off the floor but in an easy-access spot. Grab the toy when it’s playtime, and then toss it into the basket when it’s over.

You might also use these storage bins for games and blankets; thus, they grow with the family. It’s a versatile method for organization.

Reclaim your living room by making some changes. Go through the room, and get rid of what you don’t use. Then, focus on crafting a clean, neat area.

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