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Concealed Carry Tips You Need to Know

Concealed carry, also known as open carry, is simply the act of openly carrying a concealed weapon in public places, or in other words, in a way that conceals or masks the presence of the weapon from the target audience. Conversely, the opposite of concealed carry is known as open carry. In this case, the weapon is visible to all onlookers. While it may not be necessary for a victim to draw and fire their weapon in any situation, you might like to know a few things about concealed carry options for women.

The Holster

A holster is a device that attaches a firearm to a person so that they may defend themselves effectively. Holsters are used for both concealed and open carry firearms and vary in size, shape, and appearance. There are several different types of handgun holsters, including: small gun holsters; duty belt holster; paddle-style holster; thigh holster; and cross-body holster. Depending upon the size of the firearm and the individual user, there may be specific needs for a particular type of concealed carry holster.

Obtaining the License

To obtain a concealed carry license, an individual may need to successfully complete a training course with a certified instructor. Many times this course is offered at the local sheriff’s department or state police headquarters. If the individual wishes to own a firearm for protection, they must successfully complete a state-administered test. Also, many local gun clubs will conduct a training class in the owner’s presence. The sole purpose of these classes is to ensure that an individual is educated in the proper and safe carrying of a firearm in a concealed manner.

Obtain your Card

An individual who has successfully obtained a concealed carry license will be issued a card with a number. This card will allow them to be able to legally carry their handgun anywhere in the owner’s presence. However, carrying the weapon without a concealed carry license is a violation of state law. State law in most instances will require an individual to refrain from displaying the weapon in any way when the weapon is in their vehicle or when they are in a private location.

Use for Self-Defense

One common reason for carrying a concealed firearm is for self-defense. Individuals who are threatened or have been attacked may use their firearm to defend themselves. It is also possible for an individual who has obtained a concealed carry license to use their firearm during a home invasion. Because a firearm is not easy to bring into a home, an individual may want to ensure they have a gun on hand in case of an emergency.

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