Enhance the Life of Your Digital Video Walls and Outdoor Display Screens

We live in a world where our lives are dependent on digital and technology-driven space. Every business now has a creative department that works to produce the best interactive experience for customers, clients, employees, or students. For larger organizations, digital signage or video walls have become a very handy tool.

It can get very expensive for many business owners to purchase so many screens for creating a video wall. This is why the best option is to ask for LED screen hire from a premium manufacturing company like Dynamo LED Displays that functions in Dubai and the UK. Their rental plans are affordable and provide all forms of LED solutions including augmented reality, outdoor screens, transparent LED displays, LED signboards, and all other LED wall solutions. 

Video walls in which multiple screens are tiled to make a larger display. Individual displays or a single feature video can be played on these walls simultaneously. It forms a very effective aid in communicating and advertising the content of a video that sends the intended message very loud and clear. 

LED display screens used for this purpose provide unsurpassed quality. They also provide you with flexibility and allow your creativity to shine through. LED video walls can be used to get an edge over the competitors in terms of uniqueness that you get from the creative freedom that these walls provide. These video walls also enable us to create unique digital marketing campaigns that increase the conversion rate on platforms like Facebook.

While these walls are very durable, some maintenance is required to prolong the life of these technologically advanced screens. 

Maintenance tips for your LED video walls

1) Regular cleaning:

  • LED screens are very sensitive and cleaning away the layer of dust that accumulates on them is very important. 
  • If not done regularly, the dust layer can thicken up and affect the quality of the images on display. 

2) Providing weather protection:

  • If your LED screen is installed outdoors, rainwater and high-speed winds can cause damage to the screen. 
  • Installing a system that provides closed air-loop circulation will protect your LED screens from such damage. 
  • Also, check for the IP rating before purchasing the screens. 
  • The higher the IP, the better it is protected from water and other solid objects that can cause damage. 

3) The regular software and hardware checks:

  • Regular updates of software and removing all unwanted files will keep the system in a good functional form for a long time. 
  • The hardware should also be checked for wiring to avoid sudden goof-ups. 

4) Proper care in maintaining the order of turning on the LED screens:

  • To avoid certain damages such as burnouts and the creation of bright spots on the screen, we must turn on the PC before the screens. 
  • Give a rest of 1-minute minimum before switching the screen on after you have turned it off. 

Even the projectors and the screens need regular downtime and we should never compromise on that if we want our video walls to function effectively for a long time. 

You can refer to Twitter account of Dynamo LED Displays for checking out various unique ways in which their LED screens can be used for use in different industrial sectors. 

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