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Fast-Growing Home Business Ideas You Can Pursue Today!

Many of us have put in a lifetime of work. Some of our worries may be behind us, but we still have energy and passion and wouldn’t mind making a few bucks on the side. If that sounds like you, there are a few things to keep in mind. The economy is rapidly changing, and the way people are looking at earning money is changing with it. There are enormous opportunities online, that is virtually untapped, and more coming out every day.

If the online world sounds far from what you were thinking, consider the following interesting facts about how a digitally connected world is changing how people are earning money:

  • Numbers from the firm Challenger, Gray and Christmas Inc estimated 53 million Americans currently freelancing which is 34% of the US workforce. Their projections are that half of the US workforce will be working freelance by the end of the decade.
  • Another firm Edelman Intelligence shows 1.4 Trillion dollars are contributed to the economy by freelancers.

So the trend for those in the workforce is to farm out skills to the highest bidder, but let’s say you’re at a point in your life that you don’t need or want to do work for something you have no passion for, or that you have no interest in. While giving you some freedom in being your own boss, Freelancing a skill to the highest bidder doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be doing what you love.

The idea to take from this is not that you need to be freelancing work, its that the online world has unending opportunities, for almost any skill set. Your skills can be applied to an at-home business reaching out to the world online. For more in-depth content about making money online, check out Online Academy.

If you’re at a place in your life where you’re not actively looking for work, you can devote your time to a project you truly love and make some serious money while you’re doing it. This is through a means of doing business that allows you to work and grow at a pace that’s comfortable to you, and this method is one of the fastest-growing methods of at homework.

For those of us looking to pass on our many years of experience in a particular field, or decades of passion for an industry or a product to others, there’s a great way to make some extra money by doing just that.

This business is called Affiliate Marketing Network, and it’s becoming a massive mover in online commerce.

An estimated that 81% of all online sales involve Affiliate Marketers according to a 2016 survey by Forrester Consulting. all signs point to it growing.

Today we face a new kind of economic revolution. An online revolution. History tells us that no matter what we do, there’s nothing we can do to overrule the tide of the advancement of the industry. However, with Affiliate Marketing, you have flexibility, independence and can work at your own pace and leisure while doing what you love. So read on to see how joining this online economy has never been easier.

Making money online was never easier

So what is Affiliate Marketing? Simply put, Affiliate Marketing is a business where you bring merchants business and get paid for it.

While methods of doing this can be extremely creative, there’s a usual 3 step process for Affiliate Marketers to get going, and it goes something like this:

Choose an industry, and find merchants which have an affiliate program

Do you have experience in investing in the stock market? How about history? Science? Education? Technology? Whatever has a passion for, there are products for people to buy which relate to that passion.

Your first step to an affiliate marketing business is actually… following your heart.

Very few businesses start purely in this way. Most businesses begin with a passion, but there’s a large amount of market research, financial projections, legal and tax structuring, etc… With affiliate marketing, the merchants have done that work for you. What you’re required to bring is the passion, experience in the subject, and a willingness to learn some of the most basic online skills needed for any business today in which you work from home.

Once you’ve decided on a destination, we must plot our course. Do some research; the first stop, the things you would buy. Chances are they have an affiliate program. If the exact thing you would be interested in buying doesn’t, some of their competitors will.

You’ve followed your heart and found the companies which are out to provide products and services for people with passions just like you. Sign up to their Affiliate Programs and move on to step 2

Build a website

For most people, building a website conjures up images of a young millennial with an advanced degree in computer science, Plugging away bits of indecipherable code effortlessly while vaping from a device that has come from the future. This is an image that lots of web development companies propagate to be able to issue grand invoices for a simple business website.

The truth of the matter is, today you don’t need to know any code to make a website.
Website builders like Wix are frowned upon by professionals in the industry. They’ve claimed that WordPress is the acceptable platform, and to make a decent website on WordPress for many years you did need to know some code. But not anymore!

There are now website builders for WordPress or other self-hosted platforms that offer functions that would normally take large amounts of time to code. They are so intuitive that anyone can use them. All you need is a good eye for design, and a bit of time to play around with the features. A beautiful full site can be built in a few hours.

A website is your way to control the story. To message clearly and connect with your audience. It’s the first and most important step to success as an affiliate marketer.

Get Social

Setting up social profiles is the next step. The good news here is that every social platform can be set up in minutes.

  • Social platforms are free and are the best way to get your ideas out there. To find your audience. But simply having a social media profile, or even connecting with the friends you already know isn’t going to get you to your goals as an affiliate marketer. You must be social!
  • Facebook has groups, Twitter has hashtags, on almost every platform there’s a way for you to find people based on your shared interests. By being social and connecting with groups, you can build an audience fast if you have good content.
  • Content goes hand in hand with growing your audience. An audience must-have material. Followers will not continue to follow if you’re not providing them with something of value. Be it entertainment, education, opinion, or advice.

A good affiliate marketer is an influencer, not a salesman. So, there’s no need to just make content only about the products you’re promoting. Talk about your passion. Talk about your experiences. Make your audience laugh. Make them cry. Make them connect with you personally, and when you recommend a product, they will listen and buy. Leading you into some serious cash.

Always keep your content in line with what your audience likes, and listen to their feedback. Post to your website blog, post to your social, and always ask for a way to keep in touch so you can notify them when you have something wonderful you’ve created that’s hot off the press.

Outreach, outreach, outreach.

Fast-growing business ideas are there for you, too!

There’s a never-ending flow of new online businesses popping up every day. The greatest thing with affiliate marketing is that you don’t need to commit to any one of them completely. You have so many things you can promote when you have an audience that gives you the absolute freedom to really engage your passion and enjoy your work.

Communication is the only skill needed for this, and we all have that ability. Maybe you’re camera shy so Youtube videos aren’t for you. If that’s the case, you can communicate through a podcast. Maybe you’re not the best speaker, you can communicate through blogs. Maybe you’re not the greatest writer, you can communicate through images!

With so many opportunities out there for affiliate marketers, and so many platforms and mediums to communicate, you have a bounty of ways to get businesses products and services out there and make your affiliate marketing project about you and what drives your passion.

It’s never too late to set things right

The world has changed so much in just the past 20 years that sometimes it can be overwhelming. There are those of us that didn’t learn how to type on a keyboard until later in life. And that is ok.

While we can agree that the speed at which technology is accelerating is staggering, it also seems to be moving in a way that is inviting for everyone. In a way that’s allowing people to access the digital world with the little barrier of entry.

While certain industries may not be coming back, others are just beginning to blossom. What’s wonderful about it is that there seems to be room for everyone. All they need is a lot of passion, and a bit of training.

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