How PlayDapp Can Link the New Video Game Era to Blockchain

Introducing PlayDapp Limited

If you are passionate about video games, you have a slight curiosity towards the cryptocurrency sector, and this is the first time you hear about PlayDapp Ltd., then you’re in for a treat! Some cool news too! But first things first, PlayDapp is a revolutionary blockchain game platform, serving dApp games that have been developed following public database blockchain systems. If you are already familiar with blockchain-based games, then you’ve probably heard of CryptoKitties. It was the first-ever game of this sort, developed back in 2017. It gained a lot of momentum and made it to the headlines when one Crypto Kitty character was traded for the equivalent of $100,000 in Ethereum. Two years later, PlayDapp Ltd. surfaced the market and managed to outperform CryptoKitties with its first game, CryptoDozer. 

What is the CryptoDozer Game?

 CryptoDozer is based on blockchain, made available through the PlayDapp platform from the beginning of 2019. It’s a pretty revolutionary yet straightforward crypto-arcade through which players from all over the world can ear Ethereum (ETH), just by collecting delightful doll characters. But let’s take a closer look at the concept behind CryptoDozer, which, in its essence, is relatively simple.

The game runs on the premise of players inserting coins to be able to click on a sliding mechanism and collect more coins and doll characters. Sounds familiar? Then you’ve probably visited one or two cool online Casinos in your life, for the principle is the same. This fun new entry in the list of blockchain-based games is very similar to those entertaining new online Casino slots running on the Megaways engine. Only here, everything is done in ETH cryptocurrency. And if you’re tempted on jumping on board and giving it a try right now, here is a quick 3-step guide on its basic functionality:

  1. Create a MetalMask Account: to be able to play CryptoDozer, first, you need a MetalMask wallet, with which you will be able to activate your account. Much like any other decentralized app built on ETH, MetalMask is extremely simple to use and interact with. 
  2. Connect the MetalMask Wallet: as soon as you will have created a MetalMask account, you will be prompted through a window to connect with the new CryptoDozer.
  3. Start Playing CryptoDozer: And that’s about it! As soon as you have connected the MetalMask wallet, you will be prompted to start playing on the following screen.

Just like we said, simple, yet quite entertaining, and highly rewarding! And much like in the case of online slots no deposit bonuses, when you start playing, you automatically receive 30 coins. After this, you simply have to start pushing doll characters and coins off the front edge, to collect them. And if you run out and need new coins, you can easily purchase them through the PlayChip PLA system. 

And now that we’ve gotten a little bit more familiar with PlayDapp, its area of expertise, and already-acclaimed products, let’s see what their plans are, and how exactly these plans might revolutionize the entire industry! 

The KBW 2019 Main Conference 

 KBW stands for Korea Blockchain Week and is considered to be Asia’s largest blockchain festival. As such, during its leading conference, called ‘D.FINE’, one of the main topics of debate was the application of blockchain technology in the world of games. Any enthusiast out there will be extremely interested in the move PlayDapp is currently making, not only in the development of exciting blockchain-based games but also in the use of blockchain technology for already existing ones. 

In-game purchases are a huge thing right now, and it’s safe to assume that blockchain technology will end up playing a significant part in its future. Item trading of digital assets seems like the perfect context for the first blockchain-based service to materialize in. Initial analysis and experts’ forecasts also suggest that blockchain-based games are going to gain worldwide recognition and become extremely popular among gamers pretty soon, setting the basis for a completely new economic in-game system.

According to Choi Sung-Won, the Head of Strategy and Network Expert at P2P, the former No. 1 in blockchain games, e-sports trading services which users can rely upon are currently being developed. By combining blockchain with gaming items trading, a whole new era in the history of games will commence. This new technology will create a 100% safe environment, where players will be able to trust each other while swapping and trading items from basically any popular game out there. 

And while this is not the first step taken when it comes to blockchain-based games, it is the most significant one up to date. In the words of Koh Kwang-Wook, the PlayDapp Technology GM, the blockchain technology will grant users item ownership, while at the same time implementing a trustworthy decentralized system through which players will be able to trade items using the blockchain system. And let’s be honest, what more could a dedicated gamer wish for in matters of safe trading? 

Take, for example, the new video game CryptoDozens: players will be able to use keys obtained in any other game to unlock treasure boxes within CryptoDozens and the other way around. To paraphrase a famous telecom company from the 90s, the future looks bright and decentralized! Following the pattern of PlayDapp’s internal token system PLA, more and more games will allow decentralized transactions between users, ensuring item ownership, and complete trustworthiness. 

Final Thoughts on PlayDapp and the Future of Video Games

 If you are passionate about  innovation, and this is the first time you hear about PlayDapp, chances are you will be hearing from them again very shortly! Another great thing about PlayDapp’s plan and its current platform is the fact that it diverts the public’s attention from the hugely popular Bitcoin. For years now, this has been the main face of cryptocurrencies, dominating the news, social media channels, and universal belief in general. Using ETH for their first video games and a massive worldwide success, PlayDapp has shown us that the future of video games doesn’t necessarily have to be associated with the power of Bitcoin. 

Instead, this innovative company has given us a glimpse into the future, and blockchain is standing right at its core. Blockchain-based games are here to stay and evolve, and it won’t be much longer now until they end up re-shaping the entire industry! Especially if you are a passionate gamer, let us know what your thoughts are on safe blockchain-based trading of gaming items. If you can think of other great ways in which this fantastic technology can influence the new era, please do share!

Author’s Bio

 Thomas Glare is a Marketing graduate. After having worked as a Marketing Specialist for a popular company, he decided to shift his attention to media and journalism, focusing on the B2B sector and how the latest technological developments are impacting it.  

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