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Go for Two-Tone Walls Which Is the Latest Craze

Accent walls have long been the go-to paint treatment for making a statement. The single-painted accent wall became popular as a simple way to add a splash of colour without committing to a whole-room paint job. 

However, we are now seeing more homeowners and designers embrace bold paint colours, and 2-tone walls are now one of the favourite wall treatment ideas. With just a few paint strokes, painting walls in 2 colours create instant contrast and also architectural interest.

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Considerations for painting 2-toned walls

A 2-toned room is completed in a variety of ways, but before you begin your new painting project, you should have a good idea of how you are going to realise the look through colour and ratio choices.

1. Colour

It makes sense if you paint the bottom half of a room in one colour and the top half some other if the room is easily divided by any wood wainscoting or beadboard. Though this will undoubtedly make a statement, you can soften the overall look by using subtle colours.

Choose two stronger colours that can create a powerful and striking visual experience for a more dramatic look. 

2. Ratio

A two-toned room does not have to mean dividing the room in half and then painting it two different colours. Assigning varying paint ratios to the entire space can also help you achieve the two-toned look while creating the perfect balance. Consider using one colour for the majority of the paint and the second colour for creating a bold stripe along the top of your walls.

3. Pulling it all together

When it comes to creating 2-toned walls, there are a few things that must be done to make the space feel cohesive to really pull the whole look together.

Use the same hardware and metals all throughout your space to create a sense of cohesion. Choose light fixtures in your 2-toned dining room that match the hardware on your cabinet or buffet table, for example. 

4. Other ways of incorporating the trend

Choosing just one paint colour can be difficult, so choose two colours can be overwhelming but you should not be afraid of risking and do experiment with the various elements in your space such as your kitchen.

Having your cabinets painted in 2 different colours is the simplest way to achieve the 2-toned look in your most used space, the kitchen. You can go subtle by using two colours from the same colour family, or you can go big and bold by using an eye-catching shade on your bottom and a certain brighter shade on the top.

5. When you must call in the professionals

Calling in the experts is the best way to make sure a smooth and stress-free paint project is right from start to finish and also to ensure that you will get this tricky new trend just right.

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