Few Paint Colours That Will Help You Relax

In the present day life-style, stress has become an integral part of our life. Certain circumstances can make you anxious. It may be in your work place or at home or anywhere due to many different reasons. 

However, good news is, you can help keep your stress levels in check simply by using right paint colours at home.

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Following are few colour shades that can soothe your mind and offer you peace when you are feeling distressed.

  • Blue

Blue colour is often preferred while decorating homes. There is a good reason for selecting blue colour, which is quite soothing. It helps to calm your busy mind. Blue is ideal colour to use in bedroom since it will help you sleep.

  • Violet

Violet also has blue base, hence naturally it makes sense to choose this colour to get calming effects. A soft violet tone will bring balance and also inner peace. If you are choosing violet shade then look for something that is soft without extra black in it.

  • Pink

Immediately pink may not appear as a calming colour however, soft pastel pink will surely bring peace and calm. While choosing right pink shade, consider soft and light, as brighter shades with extra red may leave you feeling little overstimulated.

  • Green

Green also is quite comforting. It will make perfect sense as this is a colour that we generally associate with our nature. Any green shade will leave you with calm feeling, but lighter shades can make you feel more chilled out.

  • Grey

Though grey is little dull and boring colour, but right shade of grey will actually be quite calming and relaxing. Grey is an ideal neutral colour, meaning it can work well with almost any palette or colour. It can be a great option for every room of your house.

  • White

White is another interesting colour that may create quite different reactions in different people. Dull white may be a bit downer, but too bright will seem too clinical. The key to keep things calming by using white is choosing warmer, creamy versions.

  • Yellow

Bright yellow is quite stimulating, but a light and soft pastel yellow will be very soothing. Choosing right yellow shade can make you feel as if you are taking bath in warm sun rays. Nothing is as relaxing as this!

  • Purple

With saturated purples, something like deep chocolatey raspberry will offer a sense of mystery. You can bring out the spiritual side of yours with a colour that may get you into your inner calm.

  • Brown

Brown actually implies fortitude and reliability. You can use this colour in the exterior of your house too.

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