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[Updated] Top 75 Guest Posting Sites List That Accept Guest Post in 2020

You likely already know the value that Google places on quality, authoritative inbound links but our service doesn’t just help improve your search engine visibility, it can also help to drive direct traffic to your website, improve brand visibility and even generate leads and sales for your products and services. You will be getting the best search engine exposure ever using guest posting services. So today here we are sharing you top guest posting sites where you can submit guest post & article and improve your ranking in 2020.

What Is Guest Blogging?

What is this guest blogging all about? Is this what you keep wandering about? No need for that at this point because you’ve reached the right spot to get details about what guest blogging is all about.

Firstly, I would give you the simple definite of what guest blogging is, guest blogging is a simple method that guest bloggers use to increase their blog traffic, increase their business’ online reputation, increase their product sales and much more, by writing articles on some other bloggers blog.

Also, Who is a guest blogger? A guest blogger is someone who writes articles and publishes it on some other blogs. The reason why a guest blogger does that is to increase his/her web-blog’s traffic, get more backlinks and increase their blog’s search engine rankings.

To give you more understanding about how guest blogging works I will list some benefits of guest blogging for you in this article

Benefits of Guest Posting

Here is a list of what you will gain while guest posting.

1.) Backlinks.

This depends on the number of guest posts you are capable of doing. Backlinks are the most powerful things in guest blogging but most people don’t see it that way.

I recently doubled one of my websites traffic and search engine rankings by building very powerful backlinks for that my blog. With backlinks, you can easily increase your blog traffic just like I did.

Guest blogging can also be too dangerous with too much of backlinks, Placing too much of backlinks in one article you write can harm your blog or your clients business, you don’t need more than (2) two backlinks in one article, with this you will be able to control the sources of your backlinks.

2.) Reputation

Guest blogging is not just done for backlinks and traffic, it also has some important usefulness link helping you build your blogs or business reputation, it can also help you build your reputation depending on how your guest blogger or you are managing it.

Most people and company use guest blogging not just because of the traffic they will get from it but because of the reputation they seek from it. Can you just imagine how it would be if your guest posts keep on appearing on at least 4 different blogs every day for the next 3 – 4 months! If the guest post doesn’t send traffic to your blog which happens in rare cases, you will surely be a noticeable person if the blogs your guest posts are appearing are of top qualities.

3.) Traffic

This is the primary aim of most guest bloggers and clients these days. The quality of your guest post will determine the number of visitors you will get from your guest post and not only that, but the quality of the site you publish your guest post also matters a lot because if you publish your article on a low-quality site you will likely not get any traffic from the article.

4.) Domain Authority

Quality blogs are now determined with their Domain Authority, and your domain authority will only increase on the amount of article you write for your blog, the amount of guest post you write for your blog or business and also the amount of traffic you get.

Your domain authority can sometimes determine the rate your content will get ranked if your blog has a high domain authority your chances of getting ranked on the search engine is very high. With this you don’t need to keep advertising each content you write for your blog.

A Critical Example of How a Guest Post Looks Like

The image below will illustrate how a guest post looks like, don’t worry it’s something you can do; there is no big deal in it.

Three Major Things you need in a Guest post

1.) Links Placed in your Auto bio or on the article’s body

Depending on what you want and who you are working for, if you are working for a client and want to place a link, I will advise you to place the link on the article’s body because most clients do like that and if you are writing the guest post for yourself, then you place the links wherever you want.

2.) Your Keyword

Depending on the niche you are, I will recommend you to add a keyword to every link placed on your guest post.

3.) Auto Bio

As you can see in the screenshot above, I deliberately highlight a spot below the article in the screenshot, that spot is called autobio. The autobio box is made for you to add some information’s about you and your blog as the case may be. I would advise you to add an autobio to every guest post you want to write because it helps.

Actually, there are a lot of things you need in a guest post, but these three things mentioned above are the major ones you need the most.

Today we are sharing you the list of best blogs that accept guest posts, this list is compiled to help guest bloggers find blogs that they can use while guest-posting. So, Don’t wait for visit best guest posting sites in 2020

List of Best Blogging Sites that Accept Guest Post for All Niche

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Do you need a guest blogger? Then get in touch with me at, also if you have any Niche blogs like Finance, Business, Health, Entrepreneur, Insurance, Law, Real Estate, Auto, Startup, Digital Marketing, Technology, Apps, Gadgets, Software, Entertainment, Arts, Gaming, Sports, General, Fashion, Shopping, Blogging, Lifestyle, Food, Health, Travel, Recipes and Home improvement blog and want to be added in 2020 updated guest posting sites list kindly send an email to us.

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