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How To Spot The Best Real Estate Investing Opportunities In 2021

One of the best investing advice from the legendary value investor Warren Buffet is, “Never invest in a business that you cannot understand.” It also holds true for real estate businesses. When you choose an investment opportunity, you need to know the possible risks and potential rewards.

There are many ways to invest in the real estate industry. You may not directly be involved in different processes such as land acquisition, construction, and selling properties. You can invest in small service-based projects and make huge profits on a large scale.

There are generally two ways to invest in real estate. One is the traditional method that you are going to a real estate agent and finding a property. The second is far better than the first one. You will invest through a real estate investment tool or software like Homewyse that allows you more flexibility and opportunities.

Now let’s see how to identify the best real estate investment opportunities for the next year.

Find the Best Real Estate Investment Opportunities

Choosing the best real estate investment opportunities in the traditional method is quite a task. Using a tool is one of the best ways to find the best investment options. Here is how these tools find profitable investments.

1) Analyze the Locations

It’s not a new thing that you hear for the first time. You may have heard it many times that location is the most important factor while choosing the best real estate investments. It does not matter which type of real estate property, whether it’s a commercial property or residential property, location is crucial.

Using a real estate investment tool, you can find the best locations on demand. The tools help you to explore the heatmaps in a city. Heatmap is a feature that allows you to choose the places by predictive analysis.

2) Find the Most Profitable Rental Properties

Once you find the best location, the next step is to select the most profitable rental properties. Here you may find it difficult to buy a property that is in demand.

For finding the most profitable rental property, you can use the filter feature of the real estate investment tools. The filter option includes different options such as budget, finance, rental income, return on investment, etc.

The best thing about the heatmap analysis and filter feature is accuracy and efficiency. You can find the most profitable rental property in a city within a few minutes. It may take you a few days or hours to find with the traditional method.

3) Comparison With Other Properties

Lastly, it helps you to analyze different properties compared to their investment potential based on various metrics. You may be thinking, how are this analysis and comparison made?

Similar to the heatmap, there is another feature that estimates the potential and risks of different properties. The process through which the data is calculated is known as predictive analysis. The comparison is made based on profitability, rental income, ROI, rental expenses, etc.

However, if you don’t want to use any software, you can manually apply the same steps to choose a real investment opportunity.


When you decide to invest in a property, ensure that you understand the risks and the potential rewards. If you think that you need help, then don’t hesitate to consult a real estate agent. However, find a genuine and professional agent who can help you in investing. If you have any queries, please feel free to ask in the comments section.

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