How To Increase Smartphone Speed

Smartphones are one of the most important devices that most people use every day. However, due to daily usage, most of these phones slow down after some time has passed. Now, most technological devices will experience lagging issues and smartphones are not exempt. This is quite annoying, especially when you need to use your smartphone for IPL betting. Most people rely on their smartphones for a variety of daily tasks and it is essential that these phones operate as smoothly as possible.

We will now look at five tips that will help you to quickly improve your smartphone’s performance.

Check Cached Data and Clear it Regularly

Whatever you use your phone to do, traces still remain after the task is completed. This usually builds up in the form of cache on your phone’s RAM. So, it is important to clear your cache regularly so that you can improve your phone’s speed. Most applications continue to run in the background so that they can re-open more quickly when you need them. However, this just slows down your phone because it uses RAM and leaves less RAM for the other tasks you want to complete with your phone. In order to clear your cache, all you need to do is go to your Settings, then Storage and access the Cache there. Once you select the Cache your phone will ask if you would like to clear it and all you need to do is agree.

Disable or stop animations

Even though looking at animations is quite entertaining, they take up resources on your phone. After some time, these same animations start to lag. So, in order to make your phone’s user interface look better and save your processing power, you should disable animations.

To do this you will need to go to your phone’s settings, select about then build number. This will make a pop up appear showing the options that the developer has turned on. So, you should then go back to the settings and tap on the developer options. Then, go to windows animation scale and turn the animations off. Be sure to also disable the transition animation and duration scale in these options.

Get rid of apps you aren’t using as well as bloatware

Most smartphones contain bloatware which isn’t useful or necessary. Also, you may have at least a few apps that you’re no longer using. Remember, these apps will still take up space and use up cache space as well. This results in your phone slowing down. So, make sure that you clean your smartphone by deleting apps that you’re no longer using or at least disable them.

If you have Chrome, turn on the Data Saver

One of the best web browsers that you can use is Chrome. With that said, it isn’t the best for optimization in comparison to other web browsers. Most phones have Chrome already installed before purchase simply due to Google’s integrations. 

One thing that you can do to improve the performance of this browser is to turn on its Data Saver mode. This will allow the browser to compress data by as much as 50% which will certainly speed up your device.

In order to turn this feature on, all you need to do is go to Chrome and open this app on your phone. Then, click on the hamburger icon, go to settings and turn on the Data Saver.

Avoid live wallpapers

Finally, even though you may find live wallpapers to be very entertaining, they are not efficient as they use numerous CPU cycles. This strains your phone’s CPU as well as its battery which naturally slows down your device. It is better to simply use static wallpaper on your phone.

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