How to Style Active Wear

Active wear is not just for fitness classes. Everyone is now interested in adding such pieces to their closet. It is now seen widely appropriate, including on-trend, to wear exercise leggings and sneakers everywhere. With this significant phenomenon, designers and stores have picked on and made chic gym clothes that almost look too fashionable to workout in.

Tossing on a jean jacket with tights and chunky sneakers is probably the easiest way to go! Even so, there is an art on how to achieve fitness-wear chic, so read on before buying women’s activewear online. Here are a few of the best tips as to how to effortlessly move your workout clothes from fitness class to coffee date:

Mix and match

Take off that full-body spandex and don’t wear the matching tracksuit for now. The trick to a trendy athletic wear style is to combine the regular gym wear fabrics with suitable non-gym components. Mix your mesh leggings with a printed jacket to add the touch to an already classic look.

Go for a neutral colour palette

Neutral shades and blacks will be your soulmate to excel in this seamless yet still amazingly chic style. Donning activewear as regular clothes are mostly about minimalism and convenience. Black leggings are the hallmark of any woman’s closet, and they are also extremely comfortable and flexible so they can be paired with just about anything.

Accessorise well

Accessories are indeed the key to boosting your exercise clothes, but make sure to choose them thoughtfully. Some key elements take the style to the next level. Accessories with unique trend-driven items, like cat-eye sunglasses and athletic kicks counter the casual look of tights and crop top.

Get quality items

When people talk about athleisure, it does not involve the pair of trainers you have had since middle school or your oldest shirt with holes in them. To achieve this style, it is better to wear new items that are in perfect condition, so try shopping for women’s activewear online. It would be best if you had all the flexibility and convenience of your exercise clothes but ensures that they still look acceptable.


Merely sporting a tank top and black leggings will not always scream stylish, so choose to layer items to bring some depth to your outfit. Incorporating a cardigan or tying a chic denim jacket around your waist helps you style your casual sportswear look. Layer over a trendy high neck sports bra or tube top and coat, a lightweight yoga top can establish a seamless elegance and a chic, slim silhouette.

It is essential to push your body every day in a way that is best for you, whether this is exercise, sessions with a fitness trainer, a workout class, a dog run, a bike ride, or a boxing lesson. Moving the body makes you feel and look your most beautiful, which brings you confidence in everything you do. Anything you wear while you’re exercising will improve your motivation as much as the exercise itself and outfit, wearing cool activewear makes you feel happier about joining a fitness centre or heading to a Pilates class.

Wearing comfortable apparel that is both attractive and comfortable will give you more motivation to push yourself daily to help you achieve your goals.

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