An Expert Shares Useful Fashion Tips That Every Lady Should Use

Even though dressing is part of our daily routine, most of us have a lot of challenges trying to figure out what to wear on different occasions. Sometimes, dressing up in the morning for an event or work can be quite frustrating. You don’t have to face such challenges anymore. Here are some of the fashion tips that you can use to simplify your dressing routine. 

Always balance the proportions

Clothes can tell a lot about your personality. For you to leave a good impression, you have to learn how to balance proportions. Even if you want to show off your slim waist, you should not go overboard with the rest of the pieces. If, for instance, you put on a tight top that reveals your navel, try to match it with wide-leg trousers so that you don’t pull off an exaggerated look. Do not put on something that is too oversize since this can make you look bigger than your actual size. 

Get the right bra

The bras you put on play a significant role in your overall look. If you want to appear slimmer, then you need to know your bra size. The specific position in which your breasts sit on the chest can make a huge difference in how the rest of your clothes fit. When you choose a properly fitting bra, it will not appear to be bulging or sagging. This makes your silhouette look trimmer from different angles. Your bra should not create any bulges or appear as if it is hiking up. Make use of a tape measure to measure your bust size and shop for bras carefully.

Avoid trying to match every outfit at once


In the past, people had this tendency of matching colors of their clothes from top to bottom. Being too matchy can make you look like a clown. Instead of doing this, try to look for colors that enhance each other. It is always good to try on different attires in your closet beforehand so that you can find out the specific colors that complement one another the best.

Spend some time trying attires in front of a mirror and eliminate colors that look weird together. If you are still struggling with this, look at the simple color wheel. Opposite colors on the wheel tend to blend in well together. As you play with different colors, you should also diversify your accessories to avoid pulling an overdone look. If you go for clothes that have bold colors, do not wear too many accessories. You should also know how to match different prints and patterns. 

Show your skin selectively

Even if you have a body to die for, people don’t like seeing too many things at once. If, for instance, you choose a dress with cleavage, you don’t need to overexpose your legs. If you decide to choose a short skirt, ensure that it is flared instead of being too tight to avoid raising eyebrows. Let people focus on one thing so that you can make a fashion statement with your attire.

Spend more money on staples


You don’t need a huge closet for you to make a style statement. A lady needs only 20 core items in her wardrobe. Investing in staples can save you a lot of headaches as you dress. The staples represent basics such as t-shirts, jeans, dresses, and a few jackets. You can find all these staples at Lily Lulu fashion boutique. The retailer offers numerous quality options at reasonable prices. As you purchase classics such as a good looking blazer, you can choose neutral colors such as black so that you wear it with a lot of garments in your wardrobe. Ensure that you select staples that come in long-lasting fabrics such as wool, so that don’t keep on replacing your garments quickly. 

Get a signature style and stick with it

When it comes to fashion, everyone has their preferences for clothes. That is what makes people have different signature styles. If you don’t know yours, you can start assessing the kind of clothes you feel more comfortable in. Ask your friends what they think you look the best in. While some people rock in official skirts suits, others look best in trousers. If you manage to zero in on what works for you, you can now focus on enhancing your style. For instance, if you love jackets, try to find different types such as silk or denim jackets that can look good on you. If you find yourself trying to convince yourself to like a particular garment, it means that it is not your style. 

Every lady needs to have a classic white shirt

A white shirt can complete every closet. You can wear so many garments with a single classic white shirt. Investing in a few can, therefore, boost your overall look. Try to choose pure white shirts instead of ivory. The problem with classic whites is that they can make the teeth look not as bright as they should appear. To prevent this, consider applying a bold lipstick to make your teeth appear brighter. If you prefer white cotton shirts, you have to maintain them properly so that they don’t discolor and look bad. Avoid dry cleaning such shirts since this can affect their texture and appearance. 

Be careful with your jewelry selection


The type of jewelry you choose to match with any outfit can either complement it or break your overall look. If you love earrings, ensure you select the correct form that can flatter the shape of your face. Long, round earrings tend to make a face appear skinnier. You should match these with simple garments. Short, chunky earrings, on the other hand, tend to go well with people with oblong faces. If, for instance, you have a big upper body, ensure you wear a necklace that is at least an inch above your cleavage. The right jewelry can help you achieve a polished look.

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