How to Try New Hairstyles Every day with a Hair Curler?

You’ve hit snooze three times already, and now the alarm is screaming in your ears. It seems like an enormous challenge to wake up, get ready, do your makeup, and style your hair. But since you can’t show up to work/college looking unkempt, it must be done. Sigh!

So, what do you do when you feel like hiding under your covers and just calling in sick instead of looking presentable with all that effort? 

You check out this blog, of course! 

You don’t have to pick a complex hairstyle every day. Try something simpler when you’re looking for an easy way out but want to look stunning, nonetheless. In this blog, we will explore how to try two trendy hairdos by using a hair curler.

Flat Wrap Hair with a Curling Iron

With great volume, this flat wrapped approach creates wide curls. The result would be identical, but the curl’s tightness depends on your hair sections’ width and thickness.

We suggest using broader sections of about 1-1⁄2″- 2″ for this technique. Getting the hair wrapped flat against the curling iron barrel without twisting is the key to achieving such curls. You’ll need to use your hands alternatively each time you go around the hair curler to hold the hair flat against the curling iron, or the hair would try to coil around the barrel naturally. If you have fine, straight hair and want a more voluminous look, this form of curl is right for you! To see how it’s done, scroll down.

  1. To protect your hair from the heat, make a vertical section, and spray it with a heat protectant spray. Then use a large-tooth comb to spread the product evenly. Select the direction you want your hair to curl, either in the direction of your face or away from your face.
  2. When wrapping it around your curling iron, concentrate on keeping the section of hair smooth. Don’t curl the hair around the iron.
  3. Keep wrapping the hair around the iron until you hit the edge. Do not curl the last 2″ or so to make more natural-looking curls.

Lazy Curl with a Curling Iron

This technique helps you create a loose wave using your 1-inch curling iron. Take your hair curler, wrap the hair around the iron, just halfway down, and then change wrapping directions. It will give the impression of a more relaxed wave by adjusting the curl’s direction and leave the ends out.

  1. To protect the hair, start with your first section and apply a thermal heat spray from at least 6″ away. Next, gather the hair sections and raise the thumb and index finger to 90 degrees.
  2. With the barrel of the iron behind the hair section, hold the curling iron in front of the section. (Don’t curl the hair around the barrel when doing a flat wrap) Hold the section with your face thumbnail up and flat wrap your hair around the iron. Next, hold the section and roll the iron and close near the scalp after completing the flat wrap and allow the section to heat completely before moving on.
  3. Remove the curling iron barrel from around the hair and turn it so that the barrel is not in front of the specific section. Place the curling iron in the place where you made your last curl and repeat the process, cover it flat, roll the iron, and close it.
  4. When you hit the end of the segment, comb through the section with your hand and finger to separate the curls.
  5. You’ll end up with lovely natural-looking lazy curls. At last, apply some hairspray to set your look.

Do not forget to work with small sections of hair. Practice is key here. Don’t rush with these curling iron methods. Take the time to learn them before practicing on yourself. Get innovative and combine various techniques once you get the hang of these curling iron methods! If you do not have a hair curler at home, explore a wide range of curlers from premium brands like Vega. They offer hair curlers with ceramic coating technology that creates smooth curls and goes up to 200⁰C heat without subjecting your hair to damaging high temperatures.

It’s time to get curling!

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