What is Woke Bingo?

Bingo is constantly revamping and reinventing itself to remain current in an ever-changing world where tastes and trends keep on changing amongst punters. When you consider that bingo has its origins in an Italian lottery game that dates back to 1530, then you can appreciate that constant change is vital for the survival of this number based gambling game

If you love new bingo games then you have the already mentioned Italian lottery game to thank and even though it does date back to 1530, the essence of this game is still evident in 90-ball bingo that is played today.

By the 1770s, this Italian lottery game had crossed into France and the French did their usual and developed it further into Le Lotto. Being the gambling pioneers that the French are, this nation modified the cards into 3 rows and 9 verticals that again, resemble modern 90-ball bingo cards. 

Bingo and The UK Influence 

Bingo eventually landed in the UK in the 18th century and like most gambling games, it was a big hit with the British public. Although the Brits are not as inventive and influential as the French, when it comes to gambling entertainment, they have become major players and transformed bingo in other ways. The UK is behind most developments and phrases in bingo lingo and new phrases are constantly developing to reflect changes in society. The UK is also a major trendsetter when it comes to how the game is played at land-based bingo venues. 

Bingo Today 

Modern bingo is either played online at virtual casino or bingo sites and here It is available 24/7 and caters for all budgets. There are a large variety of bingo games to play and some have been especially developed for the online market, these tend to be short fast moving games. There is even Slingo and this is a slots bingo hybrid that mixes the best of both the slots and bingo world together. The other way to play bingo today is by visiting bingo venues and here major changes have recently taken place and not all have been welcomed. The stereotypical view of a bingo hall is one of a quiet room full of pensioners killing time with a few rounds of bingo. This image of bingo venues is slowly being confined to history and this is because bingo establishments have been targeting a new cliental that they consider to be the future of the game. 

The Young Adult Invasion 

Bingo venues across the land have been transformed into bingo bars, bingo raves and bingo clubs. This is because the new target market demand more than just bingo, they prefer their bingo games served with a side dish of music, dancing, live entertainment and alcohol. This new audience has given birth to Woke bingo too and here anything that was deemed offensive in the traditional game has been given a politically correct makeover. This has especially affected the lingo used by bingo callers. The Woke generation prefers ‘Wills and Kate’ for 88 as ‘two fat ladies’ is a term thought to be highly offensive in society today.

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