Insurance Claim Steps To Follow After A Lyft Share Ride Accident

Lyft is a ride-share app that has been offering millions of rides daily, since its inception. Unfortunately, accidents happen where the victims have sustained grave injuries and permanent damages. Lyft drivers can cause injuries to Lyft passengers, pedestrians, other vehicles, motorcyclists and anyone in the close vicinity.

If you are an unfortunate passenger involved in a Lyft car collision, then you are eligible for an injury-related compensation. Avoiding accidents in Las Vegas is difficult, especially at the intersection and crowded streets. If you are involved, then it is wise to hire an accident lawyer. This ensures that you can get fair compensation.

 Dealing with an insurance company is challenging and they always take steps that protect their interest. You can find good lawyers such as the one in this link by searching in your area for things like “city + Lyft accident lawyer”.  Lyft carries a huge insurance policy to cover accidents from Lyft-drivers. It can pay as high as $1 million to passengers and the third party injured in a car accident caused by Lyft-drivers.

After a Lyft-accident take the following steps

See a doctor

Undergo a comprehensive medical checkup as soon as possible after a Lyft accident. You may think that the injury is minor at first, but can turn out to be painful for weeks and months. See a doctor and get a medical evaluation, if necessary start the treatment.

Medical records are essential for settlement and negotiations with insurance companies. It can be a great excuse for the insurance provider to lessen your claim amount or prove that the injury was resulted due to pre-existing conditions.

Never accept settlement directly

After an accident, the insurance provider always approaches the victims directly with settlement proposals as soon as possible. They hope the victim will accept the lowball offers before the evaluation of the injury severity as well as before they get a chance to hire an advocate.

A victim must remember that the moment they accept a settlement, the right to claim extra compensation is lost. There are many aspects to consider while calculating the compensation including potential future losses, pain, and suffering, etc. Few victims are unaware of all the legalities and their rights, which is often manipulated by the insurers. Therefore, consult an attorney as soon as possible after the accident, before accepting settlement proposals.

Be careful of what you say or share

The trend is to share every small thing on the social media. A Lyft-accident is a share-worthy incident for victims, but you must avoid the temptation. The insurance company can use this online post as evidence, which can affect your claim.

The post can be used indicating that you enjoyed your ride, and thus the injuries are not as serious as claimed. It is advised to avoid social media totally until the claim process ends.

Hiring a personal injury lawyer for ride-share accident claims is necessary because Lyft hires highly-experienced lawyers to protect their organization from the responsibilities. A professional personal injury lawyer strengthens your accident case and prevents negligent parties from dodging in compensating a fair share.

Never forego justice as you cannot pay the lawyers fee! Lawyers work on free consultation and Contingency basis fee structure. It means to pay after your claim gets approved.

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