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10 Easy Decorating Ideas to Make Over a Room in a Day

People tend to get bored with a particular way that a room is set within a matter of months and sometimes weeks. I mean, seasons last longer than some people’s room setting. The eyes love to see change. And they are always wanting to see something different. Well, one cannot afford to invest in expensive furniture and décor every other month.

Yes, you can play with the existing things in hand and give your room a new look. However, if you are shifting places, you have to do some money spending on things that fit the size of the new house. An example is a boiler. As it is an expensive buy, make sure that you opt for the best boiler cover, in case an emergency arises. As for the furniture, try to bring the old one to use. But if that’s not a possibility, hunt for places that have cheap but quality things on display.

Today’s blog is all about different ideas to help you re-do any room in your house in a day’s time.

Old Quilts

Your geometric patterned quilts or otherwise abstract designed quilts can come in handy while re-decorating your bedroom. Here’s the deal. You can hang one of your gorgeous quilts on the wall behind your bed. What will give it an even better look is a bed cover that compliments the quilt. This simple trick will give your bedroom the artsy look.

Prints, Prints Everywhere

If you thought prints is just a bed cover or a pillow cover thing, time to widen your horizon. You can add a printed anything to a given room and see how the magic happens. From printed sofa covers to printed lamp covers, you can find a lot of different things in the stores. Do not shy away from purchasing them and giving your rooms a print-y yet chic look.


That’s called layering rugs and it gives your living room a very different and vibrant look. Here’s how you should go about this look. Collect 3-4 different rugs. All of them should have a different pattern and should have contrasting colors. Well, contrasting colors isn’t even necessary. They do not even have to measure the same. Once you have collected all the rugs, layer them and see how it gives your room a very different look. Because laying one rug on the floor is too mainstream!

Brighten up Your Space

If you want to give your living room a very unique look, try throwing bright colored cushions on the sofas. Or put that bright colored and abstract-patterned throw on your sofa. It will not only give your room a very vibrant look. But it will also give the room a very pleasant, a happy sort of feel to it.

Wall Decors

Be it your bedroom or your living room, liven up the walls. And that does not only mean that you hang abstract paintings on the walls. You can even bring your own creativity to use and paint a pattern on your walls. Or you can invest in some stick on flowers or other wall decors. Just think out of the box!

Recycling Furniture Pieces

Ditch the coffee table base in your living room and put the table top on the floor. Well, if it’s a marble top and not literally on the floor. You can put books under it or any other unique thing to give it support and a bohemian look.

Adding Breakfast Nook

Create a breakfast nook at one corner of your house. A living room is a perfect place to create this type of corner. You can create one by placing a small bistro table in one corner and a couple of chairs.

Mirrors Make a Huge Difference

Invest in a huge mirror for your living room or bedroom wall and give it an extra impact. You can opt for a simple mirror. Or one with bold patterns on the edges. The choice is yours.

Plain is Boring

Let’s talk about fireplaces. If you think that a plain fireplace looks good, you need to rethink. Put a stack of books beside it maybe? Or you can invest in some cute decoration pieces to place on top of the fireplace.

Simple Reading Nook

Create a reading nook in your bedroom. You do not need to invest in a lot of things for this. A bench with a pillow on it in front of your bookshelf will do the trick.


They not only look beautiful but also give any room a cozy and warm look.  You can also make candles yourself with the help of online tutorials!

However, even all the candles would not give you a warm feeling if you are not prepared for the winters. So make sure your central heating system is in working condition. It is wise to invest in a Boiler and Central Heating cover to protect you against huge damages to these appliances. It is actually quite beneficial especially for someone on a budget. Who wants to spend hundreds every time a boiler breaks down!

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