Let Your Parking Lot Get Its Stripes

Dallas, TX, is no stranger to traffic congestion. Statistics rank the city as 21st that traffic impacts the most. Drivers spend about 97 hours per year stuck in traffic. Being stuck in traffic can be draining, both mentally and economically. Studies indicate that traffic congestion costs each US citizen around $1,700 per year. This number translates to $305 billion for the entire country. These values take into account the wasted unproductive time, fuel, and vehicle maintenance, among other factors. Unfortunately, this amount may still rise to $2,300 in 2030.

The Cost of Parking

The delay does not end once commuters get to their destinations. The next problem is finding a parking space. Dallas is no exception from this parking issue. The city ranks 9th in the US among cities with problematic parking. The average cost of a 2-hour parking spot is $6. Each driver spends about 48 hours per year searching for a parking spot, giving drivers an annual fee of $995. With the number of motorists in the city, parking problems are costing Dallas around $726 million per year. Moreover, overpaying for parking costs puts an additional yearly expense of $97 per driver.

Why Good Parking is Important

Commuters are not the only ones who suffer. Businesses also carry this burden. About 40% of motorists say that parking challenges discourage them from driving at all. This issue is why a well-designed parking lot can significantly help businesses. Some may think that parking spaces are just empty spots where people can leave their cars for the time being. However, parking spaces are essential components of urban planning. Part of what makes a good parking lot is the stripes. Thus, business owners should utilize this need into an opportunity to hire services like best parking lot striping in Dallas TX.

Proper parking lot stripes guide both pedestrians and drivers. Stripes organize how drivers should maneuver and park their vehicles which maximizes the space. The markings also lower the risks of collisions. The parking lot is also the first impression motorists receive when visiting a place. Anything with a fresh coat of paint looks good. Moreover, faded parking lot stripes are hazardous for drivers and pedestrians which shows the importance of parking lot striping in Dallas, TX.

Things to Consider

MArking the parking lot striping in Dallas, TX is not as simple as drawing a bunch of lines on the ground.  Professionals consider size as a top priority which determines the traffic flow and the number of cars a parking lot can accommodate. Consequently, size determines the amount and type of paint. Large lots require more markings. Paint can be oil-based or water-based. The Texas sun can be brutal on painted surfaces. However, an excellent contractor can determine what kind of paint is best for each unique project. How the markings should look is another factor. Parking slots typically have angles of around 45 to 60 degrees. Lines should also efficiently direct traffic flow. States, including Texas, require unique markings such as fire lanes and handicapped spaces.


With the transportation pandemic across the globe, a proper parking lot can lighten the load off many motorists. It not only keeps the drivers and pedestrians safe, but it also acts as a warm welcome for people visiting an establishment.

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