Malik Riaz Hussain Bahria Town – Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth & Career, Details

Malik Riaz Hussain is a renowned Pakistani business tycoon, real estate developer, investor, and a Billionaire. He is the chairman and founder of Bahria town which is the biggest private real estate development company in Asia. He currently stands as the 7th richest person in Pakistan and one of the most renowned Philanthropists in the country. Currently, his company has over 60,000 employees which further make them one of the biggest private sector employers in the country. He is also the owner of the famous Bahria town Karachi which is also the biggest private sector project in Asia.

Net worth: Net worth of Malik Riaz is $1.2 Billion.

Income source: Malik Riaz owns the Bahria town project along with many others and he gets most of his income from his real estate development business. Moreover, he has done some investments in the past years as well.

Real name: Malik Riaz Hussain is his real name

Date of Birth/Age/height/Weight: Malik Riaz was born on 8th February 1954 and currently aged at 65 years. Further information about his height and weight is not available.

Personal life and Educational background

 Malik Riaz was born in a middle-class family to a contractor. He was then been forced to drop from the high school after the completion of his matriculation as his father gone bankrupt in his construction business. He then worked with the Military engineering service as a Clerk whilst working as a part-time Painter. It was due to the hard work that he progressed further to become a contractor in the Pakistan Military.

He then got married to Beena Riaz and got two children namely Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik (son) and Amber Shehzad Malik (daughter).

Professional background and career achievements

Malik Riaz is the 7th richest person in Pakistan and currently stands as one of the best real estate developers and businessmen in Asia. He owns the Bahria town which is one of the largest privately owned real estate projects in Asia having its outreach in cities like Lahore, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Murree, and Karachi.

Apart from his business, he has largely been indulged in numerous activities for the improvement and development of the society and often got awarded for his noble acts in the past few years.

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