How Metalized Cigarette Boxes Can Save 20 Cigarettes For 1 Year?

Quick Disclaimer: Smoking is injurious to health and everyone should avoid it at all costs.

Metalized Cigarette Boxes

A cigarette is one of the most retailed products around the world. As much as health campaigns would have them erased from production, smokers still find ways to include cigarettes in their daily lives. While most cigarettes are retailed at frequent locations around the world, there are some collector’s ones that are not so readily available.

For these not so readily available cigarettes, preserving them for a long time for certain people will always be a priority. However, this is easier said than done. You will need high-quality Cardboard Cigarette Boxes possibly topped off with a layer of metalized material to offer the required protection. These boxes will also need to preserve the freshness of packaged cigarettes.

The thing with metalized Cigarette Boxes is that they can be that perfect gift for a smoker. These ones having gold/silver foil stamping metalized finish look great while getting an extra layer of protective strong materials. Blank Cigarette Boxes or simple white boxes can also be used to store cigarettes when required. Here’s how your top quality metalized cigarette boxes can securely store 20 collector’s cigarettes for a year:

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The durability of Metalized Cardboard Cigarette Boxes

Metalized cigarette boxes have a layer of cardboard behind all the foiling. This cardboard layer is very durable and sturdy in its own right. When coupled with the even sturdier layer of metal foiling, the overall Metalized Cardboard Cigarette Boxes become much durable and strong. This added strength is absolutely necessary when you wish to save and secure your 20 cigarettes for a year.

How that translates to real-world usage is that collector’s cigarettes will naturally need to be stored away at different locations. When you have other surrounding objects and storage items near, above or under them, these strong boxes will be able to offer the required protection. Cigarettes will always be soft and fragile. The added protection will enable them to last the course of a year unharmed and perfect saved or preserved.

Air-Sealed Outer Shell for 20 Cigarettes

When you get air sealed Custom Cigarette Boxes for your 20 cigarettes, you will be able to save and lock their freshness inside for a long period of time. The metallic layer of gold or silver foiling on top will help the sealing process as well. These perfectly air sealed cigarette boxes will be able to lock all the freshness inside keeping the tasteful cigarette aroma as well. Smokers will know how much the actual taste and essence of these cigarettes matter. When it comes to saving your 20 cigarettes for a full year, keeping their tobacco as fresh as possible is always the first priority.

You will need to have one-piece cardboard made packaging boxes for your 20 cigarette boxes that can be topped of with metallic printing or foiling. Whichever types of boxes you end up choosing, when it comes to making your cigarettes last as long a year, make sure to have perfectly air sealed ones. A sheet of inside laced foil paper should also be used. This paper foil helps keep cigarettes separated from air preserving freshness for a very long time.

Cardboard Metalized Boxes Age Very Well

Simple cardboard boxes for cigarettes might not age that well as the materials are after all just cardstock made from thick paper. These Cardboard Cigarette Boxes can collapse in on themselves when left out for too long. Humidity from the air can take its toll on these Blank Cigarette Boxes in a negative way with each passing day.

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When you get metalized foil stamping on all sides of your cigarette packaging boxes, you will add that layer of humidity proof materials. This layer will also offer its own rigidness and sturdy feel to the box. You cardboard sheets will stay humidity free at their core keeping their rigidity at the same time. As a result of all this, your packaged cigarettes will be able to last a full year and you will succeed in saving them for that long as well.

Cigarettes Stay Fresh for a Long Time

Cigarettes are supposed to stay fresh in terms of their essence and taste. These have natural organic tobacco in them that loses its freshness after a certain period of time. Durable and air sealed metalized cigarette packaging boxes ensure that your cigarettes stay fresh for a very long time. When you get just the right boxes for your 20 cigarettes, you will be able to save them for up to a year.

The actual material used in these cigarette boxes is cardboard that sits at the back or beneath all the metallic printing or foiling. The metalized top surface layering ensures reinforcement for the cardboard materials making them last far longer than they would on their own.

Cardboard Available In Multiple Thickness for Advanced Rigidity

When it comes to Cigarette Boxes, you need to keep in mind the fact that cigarettes are some of the most fragile retailed products. When you wish to save these for up to 1 full year, you will need all the help from your packaging. This is what metalized Cardboard Cigarette Boxes bring when incorrect material thickness. Cardboard Blank Cigarette Boxes are available in many different thickness levels. These can then be topped off with metallic foil stamping to make them look luxurious and beautiful.

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The overall strength, durability, and rigidity of your cardboard boxes can be helped with choosing thicker sheets of material. However, you will need to make sure that these packaging boxes are not too thick and bulky making the whole package look and feel too big. By getting thicker materials, you will also ensure long-lasting abilities for your cigarette boxes. These will be able to last a full year while keeping their advanced rigidity and non-bendable nature. Getting a few templates for your cardboard materials before you go ahead with the final order can provide you just the idea about how your boxes will get finished. Overall, rigid and sturdy boxes made from thicker cardstock materials will have a greater chance of saving your 20 cigarettes for a whole 1 year.

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