All you Need to know About Precision Balances

At times we need to weigh certain components or particles to a precise number, and that is what precision balance is for.

As a word “precision” itself suggests, to the point. These balances are specially designed to weigh certain components to the point of precision. These are also known as top loading balances. These balances come in a different range of capacities ranging from grams to kilograms. However, these precision balances must not be confused with analytical balances. These balances may not be as accurate analytical ones but still, have more accuracy than the standard and compact scales. However, the precision balances are ahead of analytical balances in terms of capacity. It offers more capacity but lesser readability, still, it can read up to 0.001 grams.

About Precision Balances and its Applications

Many industries use such precision balances, especially industries where certain chemicals and solutions are made. There are certain balances like large PAN Nimbus and Eclipse balance which has a higher capacity with better sturdiness to provide accuracy in weighing. Such sturdiness is very important to weigh construction site materials like concrete. For such materials, accuracy in readability is the must for appropriate results. Any variations in such materials can lead to major default in construction and final product. Also, most of the laboratories where experiments take place such precision balances are used widely. Those who opt for medical and pharmaceuticals must be aware of these precision balances. Apart from this, these precision balances are also a common sight in jewelry stores. Accuracy is very important while weighing precious jewels and that is no other weighing scale can be best suited for such an industry.

Functions of Precision Balances

As compared to standard balances, precision balances have more functions and usage. Some of its functions are:

  • It has below balance weighing capacity. It can measure up to001 grams, unlike other compact balances which has a lower capacity to weigh the accuracy of the products.
  • Almost all the precision balances have a user interface in sync with computers and printers.
  • Not only they weight standard weight but has multiple weighing applications. Few of such applications are percentage calculation, weighing dynamics, counting parts and many more like
  • It is also durable and offers overload protection to keep it intact for a longer period of time.

Rest many applications depend on the model you opt for. Model for laboratory may be different from that we use in jewelry stores. Therefore it is important to buy the precision balance depending on the usage and purpose of the same. For the eg precision scale to be used at construction sites must be sturdier and heavier in order to weigh heavier items. The capacity of the same must be higher according to heavy industrial application.

Now that you know about these precision balances, make sure to communicate your purpose to the vendor. It is really important to buy the right type of precision balance otherwise it will defeat the purpose of buying the same.

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