Recruiting and Staffing the Twigs of the Same Root

In this world, there are numerous topics which have different concepts in the minds of different people. Likewise, many people confuse in between staffing and recruiting. Though the process may sound similar it is totally different from each other because the purpose is different from these two processes and so the target audience. The two different phases of placing candidates in companies are having different steps and most importantly the candidates are of different standards and qualifications. The differences can be clearly seen between IT staffing solutions and IT employment agencies.

What is recruitment?

Recruitment is a process of placing one person in a job position in which the candidate can be a fresher and also can be an experienced person. The recruitment process starts from the ground level of finding people and ends to a placement. The recruitment process is quite lengthy but a great mode of placing the freshers. Every company at times require recruitments of new employees. Take IT employment agency as an example, which does recruitments for IT companies. There are various positions in the company but most of IT employment agencies provide employee for the junior position.

What is a staffing solution?

Staffing solution procedures meet the specific needs of a company. It comes in a variety of forms. Staffing does not mean placing a candidate for life long. It can vary from long term placements, temporary placement and also temporary hire. Basically, staffing means to provide staff and staffing is only done with the experience of people in the industry. Staffing is also done for specific positions specially hire positions in the company. It staffing solutions provide consultants, analysts, programmers, designers, installers and much more. But the main target of staffing is to provide experience person in the field.

How does the recruitment process run?

The recruitment process is quite a time consuming but works with detailed information. Following are the major step of recruitment is stated.

  • Knowing the need of job-To start the recruitment process first the recruiter needs to understand the requirement of the job to recruit the best candidate. This is the main base on which every IT employment agency.
  • Planning– After completing the identification of the job requires a recruiter must plan the further steps. Schedule the steps toward successful recruitment to make the career better and bring prosperity to the business. Every IT employment agency focuses on this plan because of the IT people extremely punctual and they are very much cautious about the new placements. Their requirement must be fulfilled completely only then will absorb the candidate.
  • Finding candidates– Then comes the step to find candidates. For recruiting candidates for an IT company, the IT employment agency should search for the candidates who are having enough degrees and skills to work in the IT sector.
  • Shortlisting candidate- Among all the applications the recruiter needs to shortlist the candidates who are perfect for the position in the company. While it recruitments the IT employment agency should be careful to select the candidates because many applicants may have a degree but not the perfect skill to work in the industry.
  • Arranging mock interview– After shortlisting the candidates they are brought to face a mini interview in front of the recruiters to prepare them for the final interview.
  • Arranging final interview- After this mock interview the candidates are sent for final interview and the selection process is done and brings an end to the recruitment process.

How do IT staffing solutions work?

The world of IT staffing is totally different and the various IT staffing solutions are working really good in the industry. But there are few parameters on which IT staffing solutions need to focus on to produce excellent results.

  • High-level expertise candidates- The main requirement of the IT companies to the IT staffing solutions is that the candidate should be highly qualified and expert to handle the position. Because the IT companies do no put requirement for small positions to IT staffing solutions.
  • Cost effective process- The process of staffing is cost-effective because this process focuses only on specific candidates and the cost for running the process is lesser than recruitment and this is what the IT staffing solutions have to maintain.
  • Vast networking– To run a successful IT staffing solution the recruiter needs to have vast networking capability. Without networking, it is tough to get experienced candidates for IT companies. This is why vast networking is highly required for IT staffing solutions.
  • Employee retention– Generally the IT companies ask for employees for smaller time span job but the IT staffing solutions should place such candidates who have good work retention record previously because the company will put effort to train the candidate so they will wish to have the candidate for a long time.

Differences between IT employment agency and IT staffing solutions

  • IT employment agency place permanent employees. But IT staffing solutions provide temporary placement.
  • The recruitment process of IT employment agency is costlier than the placement process of IT staffing solutions.
  • The recruitment process requires more time that the staffing process.
  • IT employment agency place fresher’s as candidates but IT staffing solution place experienced people as candidates.

Basically, the main motto of both the process and agencies are to provide the best candidate for the company which requires a talent management process to bring the best candidate on board. Both the process face recruitment challenges which have different remedies. The management consultants mostly prefer hiring candidates from IT staffing solutions because the layoff procedure is quite advanced here. IT staffing solutions run on operation improvement management procedure to deliver a better result which helps to hire feasibility study managers. The recruitment procedure does not require any change in management procedure but is not much preferred by the IT professional to hire expert candidates. This is why staffing solutions is always a level up in comparison to IT employment agencies because of the different target audience and different work procedure.

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