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Specialised, Precise Care

When it comes to receiving quality care for specific conditions, patients look to dental practices that offer treatment programs and trained professionals who have experience and confidence in working with the exact condition that they have.

Dentistry encompasses a very broad range of procedures and those responsible for the care and treatment of patients are potentially tasked with an extensive number of treatments to master. This is why many dentists specialize in an area that suits their passions, natural talents, and skills.

Patients can then form a relationship with one or several different dentists who can help them to achieve the smile that they desire and deserve. After a general check-up, if there is a need for further treatment such as root canal treatment to be completed, patients are often referred to a professional who has chosen to specialize in more complex procedures, to ensure that they receive the best possible treatment and care that is available.

This kind of specialized, precise care is the task of an experienced endodontist in Birmingham. By seeking advice and care from such a root canal therapy, patients are ensuring that they are getting the specialized care that is needed for such a detailed and intensive procedure.

What is root canal therapy?

Inside the tooth is a pulpy mass where blood and nerve supplies are feeding through. Should this area become infected, a patient will need to undergo a root canal treatment. It can become infected due to disease or injury and can eventually lead to an abscess if it is not dealt with in the earlier stages. A tooth may also need to be taken out if the infection spreads too far.

The aim of this treatment is to remove the infection that is in the tooth. This ensures that the infection can no longer spread throughout the tooth and the entire pulp. The root of the tooth is then cleaned and filled to prevent infection recurring.

This procedure requires a lot of skills on the part of the dentist as well as time from both the dentist and the patient. Often it takes more than one appointment to ensure the entire treatment is completed to the best level.

What is involved in the treatment?

Being such a time consuming and skill-heavy treatment, a lot of specialist equipment is used to ensure that the dentist is able to accurately perform their role. CT scans are often used as well as microscopes that have been specifically made for this procedure.

Materials to fill the tooth root are continually being refined and perfected to ensure that the root canal therapy is successful and long-lasting. Small details such as providing rubber dams to prevent saliva going into the canal make the difference between a successful root canal treatment and one that is not.

By seeking the professional advice and care of a specifically trained root canal therapist, who has the experience and patience that is necessary for this lengthy and complex procedure, patients are putting their overall health and well-being in safe hands.

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