Think You Can’t Buy the Latest Gadgets? With EMIs, You Can

Equated Monthly Installments or EMIs are becoming the preferred buying option for a lot of shoppers. They give you the ability to spend on different gadgets without affecting the monthly budget too much. A range of items and technology gadgets are available on EMI to attract consumers. Though they are becoming a necessity, they are still an expensive gadget to buy. With an option to buy a laptop on EMI, it has become possible to pay for and own a laptop

Here are 6 latest technology gadgets that you can buy on EMI.

  1. Laptops and Tablets 

Almost every student and professional has a laptop with them. Due to their portability and small size, laptops and tablets have become a popular choice over desktop computers.

Though they are becoming a necessity, they are still an expensive gadget to buy. With an option to buy a laptop on EMI, it has become possible to pay for and own a laptop. 

  1. Smartphones 

The smartphone industry is growing as newer mobiles are being launched every other day. The competition is forcing mobile handset companies to come up with easy EMI options and discounts to attract customers.

They are also wooing the customers to switch handsets by enabling them to buy mobile on EMI without credit card. Whether you consider the features of a smartphone, its looks or its price, you can buy the latest one by choosing the EMI option. 

  1. Smartwatches, Fitness Watches and other wearable tech gadgets 

Technology like smartwatches and wearable tech gadgets are becoming more and more popular amongst gadget-lovers. Apart from telling time, they offer numerous abilities like heart rate monitoring, water resistance, message notifications, and GPS.

They are quite handy but they come with a huge price tag. This is why many consumers are choosing different EMI options to buy wearable tech gadgets like smartwatches and fitness watches. 

  1. Gaming Consoles and Gaming Headphones 

Gaming enthusiasts don’t want price to become a hindrance for a good gaming experience. However, it is an expensive affair to buy a good gaming console or high-quality gaming accessories like gaming headphones.

With EMI as an option, every gaming lover can buy their favourite gaming console, regardless of the cost. 

  1. Smart TVs and LEDs 

Smart TVs can be seen in almost every household. They don’t just offer great picture clarity but also amazing features.

You can easily upgrade your old television to a smart television with better features by buying one on EMI. You can choose the amount and duration of the EMI based on your convenience. 

  1. Latest Smart Refrigerators

In the past, refrigerators didn’t come with a lot of features except the basic ones. Now, smart refrigerators come with an exhaustive list of features that help in keeping the food fresher for a longer time.

Since you can get smart refrigerators on EMI, you can make the switch from the old refrigerator easily.

You can also consider other buying options to purchase your favourite gadgets. Some include offline and online buying, credit card, using a line of credit or personal loan and buying using an EMI card. Thanks to so many options, you can easily buy your dream gadget without any hiccups.

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