Vidmate APK – Free Install & Video Downloader App For Android in 2019

Vidmate Apk for Android: Are you missing your favorite TV shows or movies because you are busy with the other works? Then here I present you the Vidmate Apk on your phone, which is one of the best apps used for watching movies and TV series. You can watch your favorite movies and TV shows and download it by simply installing this app on your Android device and enabling your data connection.

Its database is comprised of all movies and TV series, and the developers are regularly updating with all the newest and trending TV serials and movies as soon as it is released. There are also many features which make it more recommended to use it for your entertainment purpose. Vidmate app has improved a lot in the user interface and introduce many more functions and feature, know more about the feature of the Vidmate app in this article below.

What is Vidmate?

Vidmate is one of those apps that are highly useful, yet illegal in many ways. It doesn’t even get the clearance t to be uploaded to the Google Play Store because it supports piracy. Well, it sure does. But vidmate is really a blessing for poor commoners like us who would rather get all the movies, songs and other media for free from the internet than actually paying for it and going to movie halls to watch them.

Features of Vidmate Apk:

The Vidmate app is comprised of many outstanding features which you may be amazed once you use it. Developers are regularly adding new features and keeping it updated. Check the feature below.

  • The newly updated Vidmate Apk comes with a very nice finishing interface. It is very easy to understand and perform all the functions. The designs and logos are made perfectly manageable and reliable; there is an options and categories every section so that the users can easily work on it.
  • Massive collection movies and trending serials, regularly updated on its huge database so that every one of its users can watch their favorite shows and serials and movies.
  • The Vidmate application offers you to watch your favorite shows by streaming online, as well as it also has the option of downloading the shows, movies, and videos.
  • Now you can watch your favorite shows in the quality of your wish if you want you can also watch your shows in an HD quality and also download it in the quality of your wish. The Vidmate app offers you to watch videos in 360p, 420p, 720p.
  • While downloading you choose servers on your own, and also it shows all the details about the movie and how many times it was downloaded through the option seed.
  • The amazing fact about this app is that the developer of this app is trying to decrease the advertisements as much as possible.
  • The application is now available for most of the devices; it supports almost all of the new devices and also runs very smoothly.
  • Now you can select and watch your favorite TV shows and movies by selecting the sources from the list of many.
  • All of the features and functions are free of cost you don’t have to reregister or signup or subscribe anything, all the movies and TV shows uploaded here are free to download and stream.
  • Download Youtube content directly. This happens to be my favorite feature of vidmate. Click on the youtube icon on the homepage, and it loads the youtube mobile site within the vidmate app. Search for any content in it, just like you use youtube.
  • Once you get to the page of the video which you want to download, click on the download icon on the bottom right to open a popup which shows several formats on which the video could be downloaded.
  • All of the popular formats such as 720p, 360p, 3GP, MP3, M4A, etc. are available.
  • Similar to youtube, you can download the media from several sites which include Facebook, Instagram, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Vine, Tumblr, etc.
  • Download viral videos from across the internet that are frequently updated. Most of these have adult content in them.
  • Live stream or download Indian TV shows.
  • See and download memes uploaded by users. Again, mainly adult content.

Downloading Vidmate Apk is not that much hard as you think. Today you will know how to easily download the Vidmate app on your Android devices. Also here I have discussed all the facts, features, and function of the Vidmate apk file that you should know before proceeding to download Vidmate app on your PC.

How to Download Vidmate Apk on Android device?

Vidmate Apk is probably available in Google play store. Also, you can download it from its official website or any other sources available on the internet, there are many sources available on the internet. However, if you want you can follow the instruction given here below.

  • To download Vidmate Apk, at first, you have to change the device setting of yours, go to the settings of your device and choose the option named as privacy.
  • There will be an option for downloading from Unknown sources; you have enabled it and allow your device to download the apps from unknown sources.
  • Once done now you enabled your data connection if you haven’t connected to a network then, you will need a data connection in order to download the app from the internet sources. You can also connect to a Wi-Fi network.
  • Now go to your web browser and search for the Vidmate application in the search option. As a result list of many sites will be generated, select the site from the list where the downloading option is available.
  • Download the app by clicking on the link’s given there.

How to Install Vidmate App on Android Phone:

Considering the nature of the app and the kind of data it serves Google did not allow the app to be published in the official Android app store, the Google Play. But that did not stop the app from being famous. The app installation file or APK is available for free download all over the internet. The installation, however, is not as easy as tapping the install button on the google play page, like you would for any other app. There are several steps to follow to install the Vidmate apk and we have given those in detail below so that you can get going.


  • The first step, of course, is to get the actual Vidmate apk installation file. We have acquired the original file and uploaded it to our high-speed servers for you. The link to download the Vidmate apk is in the last section of this page.
  • Click on the link, and your browser will download the apk to your device, be it an Android device or a PC. Copy it to any folder on your Android device, if you downloaded the file to your PC.
  • Before you install the downloaded APK file, you need to do something that gives your device your consent to install an application that didn’t come from the Google play. This setting is there so as to protect innocent users from being exploited by the installation of malicious APKs. You do not need to worry here because the Vidmate apk we uploaded here is 100% safe.
  • To do this, head over to the settings app in your android device.
  • You need to turn ON an option called “Unknown sources.” The position of this option depends on the Android ROM installed. It is under the “Security” tab in the stock ROM. If you can’t find it, you can just search it on the settings app. Once located simply tick the box or toggle the switch next to it, then press “OK” if prompted.
  • Next is the actual installation of the Vidmate APK. Navigate to the folder where you saved the APK in the first step.
  • Tap on the APK file to open it.
  • You will now see a page with the app name and a list of permissions that the app needs to work.
  • Click on install to start the process
  • It will take a moment to install depending upon the device specifications.
  • Once done, launch the app to start downloading videos and other content from Vidmate.

I will always rate Vidmate Apk as one of the best YouTube videos downloaders among all the other application that is available in the Android app market. It has found that millions of users had already downloaded and experienced the best with this app.


If you are still confused with this application, you can once try it on your device. I guarantee that you will like it after using and experiencing its features. If you still find any types of interruption during the installation and downloading of Vidmate Apk on your device, please do feel free to ask me. It will be a pleasure to assist you with full effort.

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