Why Your Kids’ Birthday Matters

Birthdays mean different things to people. For some, it is a reminder of the creeping grasp of old age. For others, it is a day of celebration, that another year has passed and they are here alive and well. The latter is how it is for kids. To them, a birthday is beyond getting a year older. It is about having good food, good friends, and a good time. This fulfilling occasion is what parents strive to achieve every year for their kids. If you are a parent, one of the keys to having a successful birthday is finding the one best gift like Disney Subscription Box or place out of the many kids birthday party venues. Because when the special day comes, you want the perfect place to celebrate it.

What a Kid Wants

It may look like what all kids want for their birthday is to have fun, which is completely normal. They are kids. They are supposed to have fun. However, the fun part is the result of what they want from their birthday. They may not know how to say it in words, but what kids want for their birthday is a sense of belongingness. They know that their birthday is the day they came to this world, and they want to know if anyone cares enough to appreciate their arrival. Yes, they like to enjoy a fun-themed place, games, and presents. But whether they know how to verbalize it or not, what they want is the sense of belongingness and community. That single day of focus on themselves lets them know that they matter to others, that these other people are happy to see these kids grow and develop for another year.

Make it a Time for Bonding

Knowing what your kids want for their birthday changes how you can plan for it. Before, you may have considered planning your kids’ birthday as another stressful time where you act as an unpaid event planner. That should never be the case. Your kids are part of your family. Therefore, their birthdays are family events, so plan it with them. That sense of belongingness and community that they want starts in the planning process. Let them in the loop to scroll through the top kids birthday party venues and select their favourite one.

Ask them if they want themes. Work out the colour palette together and decide on what foods you should have. Will you, (with “you” meaning “you and your kids”) want to have a caterer to help with the food, or will you wear the apron and go Master Chef in the kitchen? Now that would be a serious bonding moment. If they already know some basic math, have them join in with balancing the budget.

That would also be a great way to sneak in some lessons in financial management. Plan out the invitations and guests together. You can even let them write the invitation message themselves. That would feel more authentic because the guests will directly respond to their message.

When that special day arrives, not only will you have had a great bonding time with your kids, but you will also have taught them some responsibilities. They will know that you did not just give them a birthday party, but they also gave it to themselves. When guests arrive, your kids will know that the people and the gifts came because of them, and not solely because of you.

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