How Foot Locker Nike Experience is Redefining the Industry

Technology is changing how every industry runs the business by improving products and offering better services to customers. Retail hasn’t been left untouched either. Gradually, more and more retail brands are adopting technology to their advantage to improve their offerings and provide better shopping experiences to the shoppers. Nike’s recent collaboration with Foot Locker is a case in point.

The collaboration comes as a part of the company’s recent move to prioritize retail sales by leveraging technology to enhance customer experience and personalization. Therefore the company, refocusing on its retail landscape has decided to channel its resources, marketing efforts, and key product offerings to select retail partners.

Nike and Foot Locker Partnership

The recent collaboration between Nike and America’s leading footwear retail brand Foot Locker is a major step. The partnership seeks to up customer convenience and enhances the personalized shopping experience. The move aims to create a unique Nike-branded space within the store, with Nike-trained salespeople to assist customers. This move aims to elevate the customer experience at Footlocker stores by offering and sharing an emotional connection to top Nike Products.

The Foot Locker Nike experience leverages retail technology to forge a connection with customers by providing a differentiated brand and product experience. The Sneakeasy program serves as a window into what’s new into Nike and Jordan sneakers. It will provide sneaker-obsessed customers with a curated and coveted assortment of Nike products and services at its select stores. Customers can learn more about launches by following Footlocker and Nike’s social channels and by joining the Foot Locker VIP Loyalty program and the Nike Plus special program.

Another special for NBA fans is Nike and Jordan special edition sneakers straight off NBA courts across the country will be available at select Foot Locker stores in limited quantities.

This move while helping Foot Locker push its athletic gear segment, enables Nike to redefine its distribution strategy by focusing on fewer select retail partners that offer enhanced customer and brand experience in-store and fostering a direct connection between the shopper and the brand.

The novel store concept seeks to merge the best of both physical and digital hopes to attract more customers amidst dwindling footfalls and growing competition from online retailers.

Another interesting move is the Foot Locker Power stores that have opened in the USA and will soon spread to Australia and New Zealand, too. The stores will serve more as an event location than a retail store. As a hub for local sneaker culture, it will connect history, community, and sports for overall customer experience. For better in-store buying journeys, the retailer also plans to hire Nike Pro Athlete employees who are specifically trained in Nike equipment to help customers at every step.

Better Overall Experiences

The Foot Locker Nike experience disrupts traditional sales models and uncovers new growth opportunities by leveraging digital technology. The partnership with Foot Locker seeks to redefine Nike’s approach to the retail landscape and accelerate sales by mobilizing priorities like converting Nike customers to members by focusing on its popular and successful styles.

The move brings a new level of service to the store through its Nike App at Retail, thereby converting your smartphone into a unique shopping experience.

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