ZipCloud Review 2019 – Best Cloud Backup Services

ZipCloud stands out from the competition in terms of the variety of options it offers users. To begin with, its client is available for a wide variety of computers, from Macs and Windows PCs to Linux systems. There are also native mobile apps for accessing stored data for Apple iOS, Android devices, Blackberry phones, Windows Surface, and Kindle Fire. Let’s take a closer look of ZipCloud review 2019.

Ease of Use:
ZipCloud’s user interface is simple, fast, and intuitive for users with any experience level. ZipCloud also allows the user to easily choose the speed of backup so the user can configure ZipCloud to use less bandwidth whenever high Internet speed is needed for online activities such as video streaming, online gaming, and so on. ZipCloud is so easy to use with Drag & Drop on it’s a desktop application and web portal. You can quickly and easily drag individual files to your ZipCloud app or online control panel. It’s a really simple way to sync files straight to all your devices.

Before your data ever leaves your computer, ZipCloud encrypts your data before being transmitted using industry leading 256-bit SSL encryption. When your backup files are stored in their secured data centers, ZipCloud keeps your important and irreplaceable files from cybercriminals with high-level file encryption. You can rest easy knowing your precious memories and important files are safe and highly secure. Your data is not only replicated in multiple data centers that are geographically distributed for greater availability but also replicated within each data center so all your data is protected against server disk failures.

Remote / Mobile / Web Access:
ZipCloud provides 6 native mobile apps allowing you to access your files anywhere, anytime, on any device: iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Kindle Fire, Windows Surface, and Android phones and tablets! You can share files and folders quickly and easily just by emailing a link to your friends, coworkers, or family members with a few taps. With Internet connection from anywhere, you can restore your files from any PC, Mac, or Linux computers.

Backup Space:
ZipCloud provides Ultimate Cloud Storage plan at a very cheap price allowing full subscription ZipCloud users to back up all of their important files permanently (precious photos, mp3 music collection, HD videos of special occasions, spreadsheets, documents, and much more) without worrying about going over any backup limit. There are no limits to how much data you can back up with ZipCloud so you don’t have to spend time choosing files and folders to backup. Simply back up everything with ZipCloud and never worry about losing a file again! Another important thing to mention is that ZipCloud does not impose any bandwidth limit on their unlimited plan so your backup upload speed will NEVER be restricted by ZipCloud even if you have lots of data (e.g. 500 GB) to back up.

Help & Support:
Customer support services are also important so that you can easily contact the company whenever you encounter issues using the online backup software. ZipCloud offers quick and effective solutions with competent 24/7 support teams trained to troubleshoot any service problem that arises. In addition, ZipCloud has a comprehensive knowledge base and offers step by step video tutorials particularly useful for guiding new users to perform tasks such as installing the software, managing a backup account, backing up their computer, scheduling backup, restoring files, sharing files, and syncing files across multiple computers.

ZipCloud strives for the highest level of customer satisfaction by offering 30 Day Money Backup Guarantee. If you are not pleased with ZipCloud’s service, you can submit your cancellation request within the first 30 days to be entitled to a full refund. No questions asked.

ZipCloud provides an excellent Cloud backup service combining online backup, file synchronization, and file sharing in one package. ZipCloud’s price for unlimited storage is very reasonable at $10.69 / month. You can save by paying 6 months, 1 year, or 2 years upfront. ZipCloud’s wide range of support for mobile devices, its partnership with Google Cloud Storage, its bonus feature of Locate Computer, and its unlimited storage plan really make ZipCloud stand out as an all in one solution for online backup, file synchronization, and file sharing!

Start protecting all your photos, music, movies, emails, documents, and more today with ZipCloud!

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