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Sew Cool Machine Review

On this page, we are going to give you a complete review of the Sew Cool Machine which will give your kids a really good sewing machine that they can use without running the risk of having any accidents.

We will firstly give you an overview of the features, and then we will look at some of the more in-depth and lastly we will give you a buying guide so you can make the decision on where to get the Sew Cool Machine.

NOTE: if you are in a hurry you can head straight over to and check out the Sew Cool Machine. We recommend doing this as this toy especially is on one of the top-selling lists, this means that it might be out of stock quite quickly and by ordering early you can make sure you avoid disappointment.

Here at the features of the Sew Cool Machine:

  • 100% Fabric
  • Sewing has never been so easy with Sew Cool the threadless Sewing Studio.
  • Simple to use! No thread, no foot pedal, no bobbins to wind, no needles to thread.
  • No skills required, just turn on, push the button and start creating 1 of 9 included projects.
  • Create stuffed characters, purses, pouches, pencil case and more!
  • Includes: 1 Machine, 8 Sheets of Fabric, 3 Pre Cut Projects, 1 Strap, 22 Embellishments, 1 Bag of Stuffing, 1 Instruction Guide for 6 extra projects

the best thing about the Sew Cool Machine is that it will allow your child to sew without using any thread seat and have to worry about them ransacking your drawers and making a mess.

Will you need to do with this toy is design, stitch and decorate. This toy has been designed specifically for gals that are six years of age and above and will create a seam without any thread!

This makes the toy really safe and easy to use and it even comes with the same needle guard. You will also get seam alignment and sewing guides and the entire process of using the sewing machine is safe.

Although it will not give you any real thread it makes your child feel like they are selling just like mom!

You will also be able to take advantage of nine projects that will allow you to create your own characters and accessories such as owls, cats, ponies and more!

Check out some of the features of this toy or head over to our buying guide for more information on where to get the best prices.

Or if you are in a hurry click the link below and head straight over to to buy this toy.

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