So Much for So Little: Knowing 6 Must-Have Minimalist Wristwatches For Men

Although traditional timepieces may not be popular nowadays, it does not mean that they are any less helpful. Still, a wristwatch is not merely about a wearable to tell time because they are excellent additions to any outfit. So, if you feel like your style is incomplete as you stand in front of your mirror, then an elegant wristwatch is what you need.

While minimalist style timepieces function like a pocket watch from before, they possess a notable advantage, and that is them being a wearable.

Aside from the typical time-telling duty, these wristwatches are so stylish that you can pair them with any of your attire. So, if you are considering buying one, then here are some of the many minimalist wristwatches that are available in the market right now.

Rossling and Co. Continental

People might believe that a wristwatch with a single subdial is certainly non-minimalist. However, watch enthusiasts are confident that Rossling and Co. have proven that view as incorrect with their exquisite Continental Watch.

Equipped by a Swiss movement, the Continental timepiece is free of complicated notion and opted for simplistic tick marks, which are on the primary dial and streamlined smaller seconds dial. Also, this watch benefits from a particularly-thin case and a tweed strap.

Miansai M24 II

It is exciting when a brand executes so much from little, which is the position of Miansai’s M24 II timepieces. Although this wristwatch seems particularly simple at first glance, examining its layers allows you to understand its craft.

In essence, this timepiece takes subtle design styling to another level. From its pared-down markings that utterly balance the width of its hands to the crown, it is hard to take this wristwatch for granted.

Chrono Gunmetal Sandstone

Aside from its awesome name, this wristwatch is one of the top favorites by several watch enthusiasts. While sandstone derives from the band with its micro stitching, the gunmetal reflects the polished black bezel and dial.

Sandstone’s dial is shielded by a tough mineral crystal window, which has a couple of plunger style crowns projecting on the side. What is more amazing with this timepiece is its chronograph feature that comes with a tiny date window all within the field of a minimalist model.

Calvin Klein Minimalist

Calvin Klein operates one of the most prosperous men’s apparel businesses in history, and even though you are not a CK fan, you can’t deny that this wristwatch is certainly a must-have. There is a dimension, yet a slick exterior that provides this timepiece a perfect look.

The silver hands and marking of this model gently pop against its brushed steel dial, equipped with Swiss quartz movement in its 40-millimeter stainless steel case. It has a simple leather design with a hidden stitching style; its simple dark leather band looks seamless and flawless as if it molds from a single leather piece.

More importantly, Calvin Klein did an excellent work of inputting their brand without making it distracting and overpowering the timepiece’s minimalist look.

Instrmnt T-42

One of the many struggles of designing a minimalist timepiece is balancing and trimming down the features while still creating the wristwatch readable at a glance. That said, the Instrmnt T-42 watch does a particularly fantastic of handling just that.

Pairing the black dial with a brown leather strap helps in elegantly balancing it together; still, its subtle dial markings and its Arabic numerals indicate that a wearer can still read them easily. Also, this timepiece has a small date window, which is great for additional time-tracking.

Brathwait Classic Slim

Taking a classic fashion into the modern century, these minimalist timepieces for men are the best way to bring a touch of elegance to your everyday outfit. Along with its certainly affordable price, these wristwatches are like the cheapest Rolex that is incredibly great and dependable in terms of construction.

Brathwait pride themselves on the clarity of their designs, and it drives them to bring you up to date on anything you must know about your wristwatch before and after the purchase. This drive fosters a level of assurance that we rarely see with other watch brands; hence they will never keep you in the dark and want to make you their client for life.

To Conclude

Time-telling tools that are simple in design can be elegant, specifically when talking about minimalist timepieces.

Although their primary purpose is to tell us the time in the simplest of ways possible, they also look elegant while doing so. That said, buying a wristwatch can be one of the biggest investment choices in life, and that is why you must purchase the one that suits you best.

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