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6 Super Easy Home Maintenance Tips to keep your home humming this Season

Your home is the most significant investment, you will ever make. If your doors and windows are creaking or the pipes are leaking, it is going to create problems while you are living there, and also when you are ready to sell it. If you will not take care of your house, its condition is going to deteriorate pretty quickly.

The obvious way to make sure your house is in the best condition is, by checking for any damages every season. This is important, especially during spring. It is a time of the year when summer is about to begin, and you are saying goodbye to winters. While winters have their own charm, its end demands a full checkup of your roof, doors, walls, garage, lawn etc.

If you are not familiar with the standard maintenance hacks, you have come to the right place. We will tell you about the things in a house that need to be checked, as the spring season begins. Have a look below!

  • Fix Your Roof If There Is a Leakage

Spring is a month of rainfalls. If there is even a small crack in your roof, it can cause a lot of trouble. Usually, these leaks can happen during winter, but we barely notice them.

Check and see if the shingles are cracked or missing. If there is a roof covering, inspect it to detect any wear and tear. While repairing your roof, you have to be careful. It is better for you to seek the help of a professional, if the roof is too high.

  • Clean Everything

Spring cleaning is an important ritual that is necessary, if you want to spend the rest of the season in peace. There can be a lot of dirt, and clutter inside, and outside the house. From your rooms, to the bathrooms, to the kitchen, clean all the cabinets, and scrub the floor clean.

The windows, doors, decks, and railings can get pretty dirty, and you can only clean them with a blast of water. We recommend using an electric power washer that can wash anything that you want. It is well-suited for use at home because it is easy to assemble, lightweight, and small. Here are the detailed reviews for you, so you can decide which power washer you should buy!

  • Clean the Gutters

With gutters and drains, it is better to handle any issues in the early stage. Otherwise, they can become so huge that it can be challenging to manage.

When there is poor or improper drainage in the gutters, it can cause water damage to your home. It is necessary that you find out, any loose, and leaky gutters at once. The downspouts should be positioned to drain away, so they do not ruin your home’s foundation. It is better to clear out the debris from all gutters, so they do not cause a much bigger problem.

  • Get Your Air Conditioner Serviced

No one uses their air conditioner during the winters, which is why it will need to be checked, after the season is over. It can get hot during spring and summer, and a faulty air conditioner will be inconvenient.

It is a common assumption that if you have not used the A.C for a few months, then it should be okay, when you start using it again. The reality is entirely the opposite. It is because the A.C has not been touched, thus, it needs to get serviced before you use it again.

  • Get Your Lawn Ready

Do not forget your lawn, while you are getting your house ready for spring. You can afford to neglect your lawn during winters, but you will need to sit outside for the evening tea in spring. Those overgrown weeds are not going to disappear on their own. If you want to avoid the spread of such weeds, you will need to eradicate them quickly. Pull out the weeds, and remove dead plants.

Spring is the season of flowers. So do not miss the chance of planting more flowers, and trees in your garden!

  • Check Windows and Doors

While spring is a lovely season, one thing I cannot forbear is that, it brings out all kinds of bugs. Cold weather can cause the window and door seals to crack. Unless you want the bugs, and insects to infest your house, you need to check your doors, and windows for any cracks. Bugs like mosquitos and houseflies can easily pass through small holes, and annoy you 24/7.

Inspect, if your windows and doors are damaged, and get them repaired. These safety measures will also ensure that no rain/gutter water seeps through the cracks into your house.

Get your house spring-ready with these small and easy maintenance tips! Good Luck!

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