6 Practical Fashion Trends That Are Easy To Wear

Fashion is ever-evolving! It sure is easy for some to grab the most expensive dresses from the money from their parent’s credit cards, grandparent’s love token or by working odd jobs. But very few can pull the flawless look that will keep them in the center of attention the whole night.

From block colors to mix prints and bold designs, keeping up with the fashion can be a hard job. There is a lot happening around, and it is only natural to be overwhelmed and confused with the emerging trends. But fear not lovelies, for there are certain ever-green fashion statements that keep trending throughout the year.

The best part is that these are the two iconic fashion trends; Embroidery and Prints. If you did know about this, then you need to check out the printed and embroidered t-shirts that are back in fashion! So, we have rounded up six practical fashion trends that are easy to wear.

  1. Buttoned-down white tees with embroidery

Fashion is very inclusive, especially for t-shirts, be it high-end or thrift stores.

The go-to style trend that one can follow and know for a fact that it will never go out of style is custom embroidery on your plain white buttoned t-shirt. You can never go wrong with it, and it is for everyone out there.

You can dress it up with sleek suit pants, a nice pair of heels and a tight bun or you can dress it down with a pair of faded jeans, sneakers and let your hair down! There are numerous online businesses emerged that offer customized patterns so, do check out the embroidered t-shirts they have to offer.

  1. Printed t-shirts

As much as it is easy to carry a plain white buttoned-down tee, it is equally easier to style up printed t-shirts. Printed clothing always gives an amazing finished look, minimal and stylish. They make the entire attire whole, and you can make a statement by keeping the rest of the styling to a minimum.

Just like embroidery, there is a print for all occasions. You just need to check out the printed and embroidered t-shirts around you, and you will surely find something worth investing. You can even go for a bold printed scarf if you want to keep your outfit plain; it can make your outfit pop up in seconds and will make you look as stylish as ever.  

  1. Mid-length shirts

Wearing too short or too long may not be a thing for some people, but maintaining a balance and keeping it midi is for everyone.

Medium length or midi length shirts are here to stay and a crisp cigarette pant to go along with it is what you need. But what will enhance the look more is either a good bold printed shirt or slight embroidery around the hemline, sleeves and the neckline.

No need to fuss over how to style specific cuts. Just grab a good MDI with a statement print of sleek embroidery and strut yourself!

  1. Fringes

One fashion trend that looks classic and stylish is the use of fringes. They add life and value to any dress they are on, especially when they are paired up with bold colored prints or light embroidered t-shirts jackets. They breathe life into the dress and automatically get you into the limelight!

There are many popular brands in the US with pretty lines that have fringes in their collections; if you want something customized, you need to check out with ‘Get Bold t-shirt printing and embroidery.’

  1. Block color tees with printed or embroidered bottoms

What’s better than a block color t-shirt paired with a printed bottom or a plain bell bottom with an intricate appliqued embroidered motif, or vice versa. It is perfect for office meetings; casual hang out with friends or even a fancy bridal shower or birthday party.

You just need to add embroidered shirts that go well together with the block colors and the elements or is it the pants that would stand out for you!

  1. Flowy printed dresses with embroidery

Another fashion trending is printed maxi dresses with very light embroidery. It is a statement styling quintessential favorite of celebrity fashion trends. It is a particular summer favorite, and if you own this piece of clothing, then your life is close to complete.

Some trends are there to stay while others fizzle out. Some trending looks may suit others but might not be your cup of tea. But printed and embroidered t-shirts and shirts are here to stay. Just play around and strut yourself!

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