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7 Common Myths About Removalists in Melbourne

“May your home know joy; every room holds laughter and every window open to great possibilities”, says Winston Porter that rightly expresses the excitement relocating to a new home leaving the old place behind.

Moving has become a common occurrence nowadays. It is a life-changing phase, especially when moving out of a parent’s home or relocating for a job. However, it comes with its challenges and hassles while holding the sheer promise of fresh beginnings and new adventures.

To avoid stress, a large percentage of Australians rely on Melbourne-based removalists that take complete responsibility while you focus on the essential aspects of your move.

With the rise of reputed professional moving services in Melbourne – positive and negative reviews flow along. Sometimes bad reviews supersede the positive ones. This is particularly because of the lack of knowledge about moving firms.

Top 7 Myths About Removalists

In this blog post, we will discuss the common myths about hiring removalists that should be checked beforehand for a safe and convenient relocation:

Myth 1: All Removalists Are Same

Fact: It’s false! There is nothing like all removalists are the same and that they offer similar services. Many removalists provide dedicated services; some may specialise in domestic removals while some are pro in commercial removal.

Moreover, companies differ in pricing, reputation and service quality too. So, do your homework, research the company and check with the BBB (Better Business Bureau). This would assure you of hiring credible removalists only.

Myth 2: Removalists Transport Everything

Fact: Not at all! Because of security reasons, a licensed and trustworthy moving company Melbourne will never carry things like drugs, alcohol, live plants, firecrackers and perishable food items. So, better keep such things aside while packing for relocation.

We would recommend you to ask for a list of acceptable and non-acceptable things from the potential removalists.

Myth 3: Friday Is The Best Day To Move

Fact: This is not at all true, though it is one of the biggest misconceptions with moving that Friday is the perfect day to move because you have a whole weekend to unpack. While it is true but weekends are considerably the busiest time for removalists so they would tend to charge higher on weekends and at the beginning and end of the month.

Myth 4: Removalists Have Hidden Cost

Fact: Wrong! You have to pay more after the job completion is just a myth. Many people complain about moving companies that they never share the detailed estimate; instead, ask for the huge amount instantly.

But, these scenarios arise only when movers lack market credibility, and they are not reputed in the industry. A professional removal company will discuss the final quote and extra charges (if any). Moreover, they will give you the complete breakup of the estimated quote for your better clarity.

Myth 5: Packing Boxes Is Not Mandatory

Fact: it’s a mistake not packing the boxes for a hassle-free move! If you believe, you don’t need good quality boxes to pack all your valuable possessions; you are asking for big trouble in the starting level itself.

From getting good boxes to labelling them, the process needs to be accurate to make sure your packing remains intact and can survive through road bumps during the transit.

Myth 5: Moving Yourself Can Save Money

Fact: It does not happen in reality! The fact is that you will spend less money by hiring the professional services of removalists in Melbourne. The cost of DIY is way higher than getting things done from professionals.

You would have to call your friends, rent a truck, hiring the moving equipment and a day off from work would result in loss of wages.

Hiring the removal company will get your assets from one location to another and that too, without any damage.

Myth 6: Every Moving Company Offers Storage Facility

Fact: Before you begin packing things, ask every single detail of the moving service. Removalists that don’t have a storage facility generally have bigger vehicles for quick and hassle-free service.

In addition, many well-renowned companies partner with storage facilities to provide you with a helping hand as the need arises.

Myth 7: All Removalists Have Insurance Coverage

Fact: It’s not true! Not all the removalists in Melbourne are backed up by an insurance policy.

Many new companies fail to take the liability of the assets that get damaged while in transit. So, it is highly recommended that you ask the moving company whether they are providing insurance coverage or not.

This would ensure that all your prized possessions are in safe hands.

In A Nutshell:

Do not allow common myths to misguide you while planning your move. It is always a good idea to do some prior research and get the facts to make an educated decision about your move.

As long as you are aware of the myths, practice the moving tips and hire professional removalists in Melbourne, you are going to enjoy the seamless and comfortable moving process.

Cheers to your new HAPPY WORLD!

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