8 Things to Decide Before Making an Appointment with Wedding Cards Designer

Wedding cards form the first impression…wedding cards set the tone of your wedding style…etc. etc. You have heard a lot about people blabbering how significant Indian wedding cards are. How better it could be only if they will help you in its planning rather than just mentioning its significance and adding up to your stress? Well, no worries, we are not here to tell you about how vital Indian wedding invitations are; we are here to discuss the important things you have to decide before making an appointment with your wedding cards designer. These will help you with better planning and surely will reduce your stress. Here it goes:

  1. Have a clear idea of your dream wedding and your personal style.

How do you envision your wedding? Is it all traditional like conventional Indian weddings? Is it a bit more casual and relaxed with some modern flair? Where do you want it to be? Is it a wedding garden or a beach or a heritage hotel? One of the primary things to decide before making the appointment with your Indian wedding cards designer is to have a clear idea of how to do you like your wedding to be. You can make the list of all the adjectives you thing to describe the style of your wedding. It helps you in choosing the style of your wedding invitations as well.

  1. Which one of the two are you going with- a connotative theme or a meaningful symbol?

As per the style of your wedding, what do you want your wedding card to depict? Is it the wedding theme or would you like to go with the conventional monogram? You can customize the monogram too and can choose the theme that reflects best of your wedding style and its mood. There are so many ideas for both the options you can easily incorporate in your wedding. You can choose either or can go with a blend of both.

  1. Do you prefer going with a particular color palette?

Do you want to follow a particular color theme that goes along with the color palette of your wedding? It can match with the colors of your dress code for guests, with the decor of the grand reception or with the trendy color of the year. You are all free to be all playful but decide a particular before making an appointment with your wedding cards designer.

  1. Have you decided the number of invitations you will need?

One thing to be very considerate is the number of invitations you will need. Ideally, it goes with the number of guests. But then there is another thing to consider it is actually in adherence to the number of households and not just the number of guests. For instance, the number of guests may exceed 500, but the number of households you are sending your invites to is merely 300. So you will need just 300 invitations and not 500.

Also before heading to place an order of your Indian wedding invitations, it is necessary to plan the extras. The list has a nasty way of growing at the very last minute. Unfortunately, if you are going to order then, it will cost you significantly more than the initial order. Therefore decide on the number of extra invitations you might need before heading to your Indian wedding cards designers.

  1. Have you considered the different modes of printing?

Like there are different designs for a wedding card, there are different modes of printing as well. You can ask your designer to show you some of the Indian wedding cards samples designed with different printing modes. There are engraving, letterpress, flat printing, thermography, embossing and many more. You can search for them online and can easily determine which is best for your wedding invitation. A little know-how of all these will help you in clarifying the doubts in the beginning and you can easily share all that you want with your wedding card designers. If you have got nay wedding invitation sample with you that you love, you can bring that too for a better understanding.

There are upgrades and now it is possible to use printing inks that are eco-friendly. Soy ink and vegetable ink tops the list of it as they are bio-degradable. You can ask your designer about these as well.

  1. Decide on all the stationery pieces you want to include.

Another thing you have to decide before making an appointment with the wedding cards designer is what all you want for your wedding stationery? Will the cards be mentioning the accommodation or direction too? Would you like to have ribbons or pocketfolds or envelope liners? How would you like your wedding card to be enclosed in a single envelope or in double one? You can ask the designers to show you the samples and detail you about the wedding cards price as well.

  1. Have a fair estimate of your budget

Another thing to decide upon is how much you want to splurge and how much you want to save on your Indian wedding invitations. There are several determinants which can add up to or can save up on costs. For instance, the printing methods you choose, the designs you choose, have different costing. The mode of the wedding invitation is another important factor that will determine the cost, for instance, traditional Indian wedding cards are comparatively expensive than digital wedding invites. Don’t just blindly believe all the bridal magazines, they tend to over-bloat with the costs. You can decide upon a flexible budget and can later discuss with your specifications to your designer.

  1. How will the invitations be addressed?

Another important thing to determine is how will your invitations be addressed? Is it going to be addressed by any member of the family? Or are you going with a professional calligrapher? Or is it the printed receipts of address that you want to use? You can decide accordingly.

Relax…the planning should be fun and not the stressful one. You know yourself well and know about the wedding you are going to have too. So, cherish every moment of this planning too.

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