Most Popular Necklace Designs for Ladies

The necklace is one of the most elegant pieces of jewelry that any woman can have in her collection. The eternal favorite of the red carpet, the Most Popular Necklace is capable not only of completing a look but also of adding it.

It’s the most exciting and seductive part of any outfit, often so fascinating that you choose the outfit around the collar. However, with such a wide range of necklace designs available, many women have a collapse when they try to decide which necklace to choose.

To make this task a little easier, we have compiled this article to inspire you with the most popular necklace designs for ladies.

Choker necklaces:

The designs of choker necklaces have been popular since the Middle Ages and are a design that fits perfectly to the neck. Designs like the Cleopatra inspired piece above are more like a necklace. Usually, you can easily adjust the size of most choker necklaces with different zippers around the neck.

Many people have made-to-measure chokers made at a specific length. Chokers are often made from a single piece of material or from multiple different small elements.

Chokers are most popular in velvet, gold, and ribbon, and were a common choice during the Victorian era. Recently, this jewelry design that resembles the neck has become fashionable again, taking clues to the storm around the world.

The choker can sit very high on the neck or just below the collarbone; You will see that the second option will be a bit longer and will hang more freely.

Some choker designs will also include a pendant that hangs from the center. Hanging designs of amber have been popular in the past. Throughout the centuries, necklaces have always remained fashionable, however, the chokers have gone and disappeared constantly.

Looking back when the neckline of the clothes was much lower, the choker made a great statement. Some were even placed in one choker after another until they covered the entire neck with diamonds and other luxury materials.

Pendant necklaces:

The single-strand pendant can have a silver or gold chain and will have a single piece or focal element. This jewelry design is one of the Most Popular Necklaces available and wearing a pendant necklace can be one of the most versatile pieces of your wardrobe.

However, with a wide range of pendants available to choose from, it can be one of the most versatile pieces in your necklace collection. Your pendant could have a precious gem, an element or even a small amulet.

The beauty of a pendant necklace is that it is easy customization; You can highlight them as gifts by personalizing them with initials. You can even select one that matches your birthstone that does not dominate your wardrobe.

Princess necklace:

Princess necklaces are often highlighted depending on their length or style. The length is a bit longer than a traditional choker but shorter than the matinee necklaces. The length of 18 inches is considered one of the universal lengths of the necklaces and one of the most flattering.

You will find that the pendants or focal pieces of a princess necklace often hang just below the collarbone. This necklace style is one of class and elegance and will often have shiny rhinestones and will have slender shapes typically with a single drop point.

This type of necklace is almost certainly reserved for formal events, but you can combine it with a combination of blazer and v-neck for work if you wish.

Riviere Necklace:

A Riviere necklace has one or two separate rows of precious gemstones. Many designs actually feature semiprecious gems as well.

As the dollar continues, the stones may gradually become smaller as they reach the back. You will find that the length of these necklaces is both princess and neck.

Traditionally, the links of the necklace are usually together, so you can not see the joints, this helps create an effect of a gradual flow of stones together. The design of these necklaces focuses on highlighting the beauty of the stones, not the design of the necklace.

Charm Necklaces:

A necklace with charms is very similar in design and style to a bracelet with traditional charms. Pendant necklaces are popular not only as fashion accessories but also as collectible gifts.

The general feeling of a charm necklace is that it can be fun and informal, and presents a variety of amulets that are relevant to the user. Charm designs have become especially popular in recent years thanks to trends set by companies such as Pandora.


With so many incredible Most Popular Necklace designs available to choose from, it’s easy to see why the necklace has been a fundamental part of fashion for centuries. At Roman Designer Jewelry, we partner with the best and creative designers in more than 27 countries to obtain authentic and quality jewelry pieces. We do not use intermediaries, so you can expect fair prices for each piece you buy from us.

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