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Achieve A Beautiful Smile Without Metal Braces

A smile can say a lot about a person and can spell the difference between a good and a lacklustre impression. Smiling with ease is a statement to the world that you are easy-going and open while someone who barely smiles could be regarded as standoffish and hard to approach.

If you are one of the latter because you are ashamed of the state of your teeth, there are orthodontic devices that are effective in fixing broken smiles.

Come and have a chat with an orthodontics team if you are seriously considering braces in St John’s Wood.

Invisalign: a viable solution for self-conscious wearers

It is never too late for braces, and more and more people of all ages are considering them for the first time. Traditional straightening methods, however, are not the preferred choice for many people, especially among adults.

The primary reason for this is their appearance. The look of braces has changed for the better since their first introduction, but people are looking for devices that are smaller, discreet and more comfortable.

Invisalign allows employees and employers to maintain a professional image in the workforce. You can wear the invisible (and removable) brace while you carry on with your life, attending important meetings and socialising with your colleagues.

You do not need to make many changes to your new life of sporting braces. The brace or aligner is removable, which gives you the freedom to take it out when you need to eat, brush your teeth or play contact sports.

Despite its different appearance, the method of correcting overbites and misaligned teeth draws parallels to regular braces. Like the wires of braces that place a light pressure to move teeth, gradually, into place, the retainers used with Invisalign moves teeth in increments into their final desired position.

Moving teeth with the help of invisible braces can take several months up to two years. During that time, you are supplied with multiple aligner trays that you must replace every two weeks until the end of treatment. Each replacement is slightly different in shape to the last, which forces your teeth to adjust to its new position until they are finally straightened.

There are only a few disadvantages to having invisible braces, but you need self-discipline. Their removable nature works for some but not others. Forgetting to put them back in your mouth after you eat or after brushing teeth might add more time onto your treatment.

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