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3 Law Firm Marketing Tips You Should Know

Every business needs a healthy pipeline of leads and law firms are no different. It takes hard work and the right kind of marketing in place to keep your firm profitable.

These days there are so many law firm marketing opportunities available online. We’ve put together this helpful list of 5 law firm marketing tips every lawyer should know to keep their pipeline full of leads.

1. PPC Law Firm Marketing

Pay-Per-Click or PPC advertising is a form of digital advertising where your firm will pay each time it receives a click. The most common PPC platform is Google Adwords.

Law firm digital marketing is made easy with Google Adwords. Your firm can bid on the keywords that people search for when they are researching law firms. When people search for your keywords they will be shown an advertisement on the top of the search results for your firm.

Marketing a law firm using Adwords is not simple. Your firm will need an effective strategy and proper oversight to ensure results. Without a strategy, you could get weak results, or even worse, no results at all.

2. Quality Content for Law Firms

One of the best marketing tips that is often ignored by law firms is to create high-quality content to attract people to your website. High-quality content is important for every business but especially important for law firms.

Focus on quality, not quantity. If you only put out two blogs a month it will okay as long as they are high-quality blogs that attract lots of readers.

If you are using social media to market your firm make sure your social media posts are high-quality and you are not just posting anything for the sake of posting.

Creating content that potential customers will actually read is a great way to showcase your firm. Make sure you are writing your content to attract potential customers, not other lawyers. This may mean you will have to use different language or exp[lain concepts a little bit more.

3. Create Videos

If you’re wondering how to market a law firm, you should try video. Right now video is the king of content. A Facebook executive recently predicted that in 2021 their platform would be all video and no text.

More and more we are transitioning to video. Law firm internet marketing will certainly use more videos too.

Video is the future of online marketing. Your firm can get on top by creating videos that solve your potential customer’s questions and help them better understand the legal process. Video can also humanize your firm and help people get to know you before they decide to hire you for their case.

Find a Strategy That Works for Your Firm

It may take a little while to find a law firm marketing strategy that works effectively for your firm. Use these law firm marketing tips above to help you develop your own strategy. Remember it may be a combination of things that work best for your firm instead of a single marketing tactic.

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