Adventurous Activities To Do in Montana, USA

Winter is coming and most people want to spend their holidays doing things they have not tried before. The United States is a truly large country and it is hard for tourists (and even residents) to choose where to go during the winter season.

One of the best states to go to in the US is Montana because of its varied terrains. There are several winter destinations in Montana you can visit. Some of these include Triple Creek Ranch, Libby, Yellowstone National Park, Philipsburg, Glacier National Park, Fort Benton, Bigfork, and Whitefish. You can do a lot of these activities in these locations, especially during the winter.

Here are some of your options for activities when you visit Montana for your winter holidays.

Dog Sledding

This may be one of the most exciting and fun activities you can do during the winter, especially in Montana. Fulfill your Santa Clause fantasy by letting a bunch of cute, winter dogs pulls you along the snowy terrains in several parts of Montana.

The areas that are often a great location for dog sledding are Bigfork, Big Sky, Whitefish, West Yellowstone, and Pray. If you do not want to experience actually being pulled by these dogs, you can just be a spectator and attend several dog sledding events in the area. There are several dog sledding race events in the area during this season. Make sure to check the schedule before you plan ongoing. 


Skiing is one of the most popular winter activities you can do in the area. You can do cross country skiing in Philipsburg or Libby. There are mostly wide-open slopes in these areas, making them a safer option for skiing. But if you are quite an expert in skiing, there are still options for more challenging slopes.

If you decide to ski in Libby, you may also want to go to Kootenai Falls, which is a stunning waterfall located along the Kootenai River and can be accessed through US Highway 2. Triple Creek Ranch in Darby is also a great location for skiing. You could totally feel the holiday spirit in the area as you are surrounded by snow-covered pine trees.


Montana is a popular spot for snowmobiling in the US. But for those who are not familiar, a snowmobile is a motorized vehicle that allows you to travel through snowy terrain. One popular sport for snowmobiling in Montana is the Swan Mountains as the powdery snow-covered trails make it easier for you to navigate. Plus, you get a spectacular view of the mountain ranges around the area as you pass through the trails.

There are plenty of snowmobile rentals in Montana, particularly in Columbia Falls, Yellowstone, and Big Sky. Make sure you book ahead so that you can do this activity at your preferred time. Also, secure a map from the rental company or the park authorities in the area where you want to do snowmobiling. This is to ensure your safety and to prevent you from going off-track. You may also ask for specific regulations in the area.


This is an alternative if you are terrified of skiing. You just have to basically wear footwear that is similar to ski, but smaller. These shoes make it easier for you to navigate through snow. Snowshoeing is basically hiking, but you use a different type of shoes because it is incredibly difficult to walk through the snow using your regular footwear.

You can buy your own snowshoes or rent them from some establishments. Some of the best areas for snowshoeing are Seeley Lake, Missoula, Great Falls, Whitefish, Bigfork, Helena, Big Sky, West Yellowstone, and Bozeman. But if you really want to have an awesome view as you go snowshoeing, consider going to Glacier National Park. The park expands to about 1,500 square miles within the state’s Rocky Mountains. You will be able to see the glacier-covered summits of these mountains which make a perfect backdrop for your photos.


You can also go camping, backpacking, and cycling in Glacier National Park. Just always remember that the wildlife is free to roam around the area. You can see sheep, moose, beavers, bats, and deer, among others. But you should also note that grizzly bears, lynx, and mountain lions are also free to move around. Ask for the park authorities to tell you which areas are safe to set a camp.

Winter Mountain Biking

If you are into biking and you think that it is impossible to do this through snowy trails, then you are wrong. There are special bikes that allow you to ride across snow terrains and Montana is the perfect location to try this. The bike used for this is similar to regular bikes, but it uses thicker wheels that allow you to roll through heavy snow. Most ski lodges allow snow bike rentals. The most preferable area in Montana to do this is in Whitefish, where you can access a 22-mile trail that is perfect for winter mountain biking. You could easily access some great attractions as you go on such as lakes.

Ice fishing

There are several lakes around Montana such as the Canyon Ferry Lake, Flathead Lake, Echo Lake, Georgetown Lake, and Whitefish Lake. And these lakes are perfect for ice fishing, especially during the winter season. Ice fishing is similar to regular fishing except you are required to have certain tools because you are dealing with a frozen body of water. You need the augers, which is basically a giant corkscrew that allows you to drill a hole into the ice.

Ice fishing may not be as exciting as regular fishing because you are just staying and waiting in one or two particular holes. But waiting for a fish while you are with your family and loved ones makes the activity a lot better. You can just sit on your spot and drink a hot beverage as you enjoy the view of the frozen lake and nearby mountain ranges.

If you really want to have a successful vacation in Montana, make sure to plan ahead and book everything in advance because there might be a lot of people considering this state as their vacation destination as well.

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