Best Vehicle for Cross Country Road Trip

All seasons lend themselves well to a car trip, but the call of the road becomes even stronger in the summer. It may be the effect of the sun or the many icy cappuccinos, but we feel at that moment the burning urge to go on the adventure forgetting everything and dreaming of the beautiful destinations that await us.

Here I am giving you 5 best suggestions to enjoy your cross-country road trip.

1 – Toyota Prius V

Are you still there? Super. Here’s why the Toyota Prius V is part of our ranking: It will make you save a fortune at the pump during a trip across the country. It’s good to travel, but not when to fill up is more expensive than dinner in the restaurant. The Prius v is not the fastest car or the proudest, but it is comfortable, spacious and convenient. With all the money saved, you can enjoy some additional attractions along the road. No one should Miss The Blue whale in Catoosa, Oklahoma!

2 – Ford Mustang GT Convertible

A little less convenient than the Prius V, the Ford Mustang GT convertible is no less ideal for a car trip, which you planned to go down in Florida, take Highway 66 or cross the Rockies. Although it offers little space to load, you will definitely love the power of its V8 engine (420 horsepower) and the sensation of wind in your hair – everything to make you smile… and have a nice tan!

3 – Volkswagen Golf R

With its typically German allure, functionality, and driving, the Volkswagen Golf R guarantee fabulous car trips. Let’s not forget his full transmission! It will always make you happy, even if you have to cross the Rockies in the snow. Its agility will keep you entertained and, although it is the smallest car in our top 10, we believe it has the most character, which makes a big difference on the road.

4 – Volvo XC70 T6 AWD

Here is another car with the full transmission, but a little more spacious. The Volvo XC70 T6 AWD is intended for car trips because of its exceptional security and divine comfort. What does it matter if people treat you like a cushy (especially if the Volvo is beige); You know that the 3.0 L turbo engine under the hood can make you reach 100 km/h in no time. And if you suddenly fall on a hilly gravel road, the four-wheel drive and the generous ground guard of the XC70 will protect you.

5– Honda Ridgeline

If you choose to go in a van, think first and foremost about the Honda Ridgeline. It offers a host of interesting solutions for road trips, like many storages (even under the floor of the loading box) and gadgets in front seats. Although the Ridgeline can take as much as the Ford F-150, for example, the savvy holidaymakers you are will certainly be able to make good use of it.

6– Mercedes-Benz E 63 S-AMG family 4MATIC

Let’s hope you don’t have to repeat the name of this car too often to the people you’ll be travelling with (because you’ll lose precious time). If you plan on cycling, climbing, surfing or skiing, the Mercedes-Benz E 63 S-AMG 4MATIC family will be wonderfully suitable for the game and will make you live the great class. Many people love family; So you’ll make new friends on the road. Then, when the time comes to go at full speed to your next destination, the 577 horsepower engine will allow you to reach 100 km/h in 3.7 seconds.

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