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All That You Must Know About Spiders

Most of you must have seen spiders in horror movies or a haunted house. A few of you must also have seen inside your home too. You can easily understand why anyone is scared looking at the spider moving on the wall, which is not just startling, but also unpredictable.

They can create their webs that are sticky and also their hunting method is rather gruesome. Although they may appear to be awful, in reality, all kinds of spiders that we can see in the US pose almost no threat to us.

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There are more than 40,000 species of spiders that have been identified but in reality, there can be more varieties available. However, in this article, we shall talk about a few very common spider types.

  • Black widow spiders

Normally, they are shiny black, having a red hourglass type of shape underside of the abdomen. While young species appear white and orange become darker as they age.

  • Brown recluse spiders

Usually, these brown recluse spiders can be between light and dark brown. They have characteristic dark-brown violin color marking on the back.

  • House spiders

These house spiders are usually yellowish-brown in color and have an elongated abdomen. Their color however can always vary.   

  • Jumping spiders

Usually, jumping spiders are in compact shape having short legs, and can often be mistaken for a black widow spider. Often, they are black and covered with very dense scales or hair that are bright in color.

  • Long-bodied cellar spiders

These cellar spiders are having a color between pale yellow and light brown with a small body but long, skinny legs.

  • Wolf spiders

These are large and also hairy having incredible eyesight. They hunt other pests, but never use webs to catch them. Usually, you can find them in burrows underground or on the ground. 

  • Ground spiders

These spiders make their nest under leaves, rocks, logs, and few other objects lying on the ground. They are normally red/gray-brown and are solid or striped.

  • Sac spiders

You can find sac spiders in gardens, timber, piles of wood, or leaves. During the fall season, their population will increase significantly.

  • Crab spiders

They have 2 pairs of legs extending out and are longer as compared to the back 2 pairs. They use these legs primarily for hunting, as these spiders never make webs. 

  • Venomous spiders

Usually, most spiders’ venom may not be too harmful to us. However few spiders, e.g. brown and black widows, can often inflict dangerous and very painful bites.

Spiders usually hunt a few other pests like flies, mosquitoes, moths and help us to keep away from all these pests. So, you must avoid killing them unnecessarily unless you are threatened. Whether spiders are dangerous or not, people do not want them in their homes.

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