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Tips to Find Successful Guest Posting Opportunities

Guest Posting is an element of basically every link building strategy that includes broken link building, outreach, unlinked mentions, link reclamation, etc. You will find a plethora of blogs to contribute to your posts and get relevant organic links. The issue is uncovering valuable guest blogging opportunities

The quality standard of the posts differs from one to another. So, you will need to identify popular niche blogs and get familiar with their content style. Look for opportunities or an angle not covered, so you can pitch with confidence. Your time and effort in creating an outstanding Guest Post get approval and there is no need to experience rejections.

If you think, this is hard task then look for a Premium Guest Post Service like Zoom Wings. The experts make use of advanced tools to identify your target audience, find blogs with the same audience, check their site’s metrics, and create potential topics for every site before sending a pitch. 

Getting familiar with Guest Blogging opportunities and using the SEO keywords to create a great Guest Post topic is worth it. All the details compiled in a proposal grabs the attention of the editors because every blog owner desires to have a great Guest Post published. 

Google Search Operators

Blogs that accept Guest Posts have a page, where they have published guidelines every guest author needs to follow. You will find it with ease using terms like ‘Guest Post’ or ‘Submit an Article’ or ‘Accepting Guest Posts’ or ‘Become an Author’. 

Make a list of your findings on a spreadsheet to analyze. You can use the above keywords shuffling terms several times and build a long list. The issue will be to analyze each to identify their quality.

Quality Bloggers with Real Traffic

Productive and Quality Bloggers with Real Traffic

After you create a list, look for genuine sites in detail. The experts at Premium Guest Posting Service – Zoom Wings look through the Guest Posts already published to figure if it suits their customer’s niche. They even identify authors that pop up as frequent productive Guest Bloggers from their Social Media Activities. 

You can look for such active Bloggers links given in the Author’s box. You can add them to your main list. Remember, there will be sites that accept posts from prolific Guest Bloggers in their niche and will possibly not accept yours. 

Your competitor’s Backlinks

Some tools can help you check your competitor’s backlink profiles. Your competitors are posting their Guest Posts on a specific website, which means it is good quality and relevant. You can easily replicate your competitor’s effort. They did the hard work in finding the relevant Guest Blogging Opportunities before you. 

However, all your internet marketing efforts should not be based solely on the actions of your competitors. You will still need to have a unique approach to stand out from your competitors. Therefore, you will need to have proper balance of your own strategies, combined with the ones that your competitors are using.

Target Guest Posting Sites

Several websites actively look for Premium Guest Post contributions. They openly advertise this fact. It helps them attract a new audience and keep their website fresh with a relevant but different perception. Thus they earn you a link in return for your valuable post. 

Drive real traffic with Quality Dofollow Links

You can have 2 types of links on your Guest Posts – Dofollow and Nofollow


As a good SEO practice, Dofollow links are used on backlinks pointing to external websites. They basically tell the search engine crawlers to follow the links to the external destination websites. Quality Dofollow links help in improving the search engine rankings of destination web pages. It is the best way to increase the traffic volumes from search results, as your web pages will start showing up on the first page of search engine results.


On the other hand, Nofollow links are used to link the contents to pages of the same blog. It tells the search engines not to follow the link to the destination page. These Nofollow links are meant to help the readers navigate to some other relevant page on the same blog for seeking more information. It does not technically help in improving the search rankings, but will help in improving reader experiences.

If you are looking to increase your search engine rankings and drive in targeted traffic, then you will need to have more Dofollow links. You will also need a proper sales conversion strategy to engage and convert that traffic as your customers.

Hire Blogger Outreach Services:

The best way to build your own mark in your business niche is by hiring the services of blogger outreach services. They will have professionals who will identify and confirm the best guest posting opportunities on behalf of your business. That way you will not have to spend time and efforts on trying to get the blogging opportunities. It will give you more room to focus on sales conversions and increasing your business revenue.

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