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Aluminium Sliding Doors are Now the New Fad

Aluminum sliding doors are gaining popularity as opposed to their wooden or PVC counterparts. The durability of aluminum metal coupled with its pliability, glaze, light-weight, low maintenance, environmental sustainability, and thermal efficiency features renders it ideal for pervasive use. Numerous websites list details of sliding glass doors sizes, shapes, and designs. However, the most prominent among them are:

Bifold Doors: Among one of the most popular products that Alupure sells, bifolds are an increasing favorite among its customers. Bifolds are actually sliding doors that have taken the place of the customary doors fitted with timber doors and lend a feeling of unobstructed space from the outdoors to the indoors.

Available indoor configurations ranging from two to seven, aluminium bifold sliding doors are preferred in most construction projects, be it residential or commercial. Multiple door configurations imply a variety of design applications that one may choose from. The unique design of these doors allows better scope for the greater open area when compared with other door solutions. Considered a suitable fitting for both outlying and interior use, these sliding doors cater to the tastes of customers, be it traditional or contemporary.

Sliding Patio Doors: These kinds of aluminium sliding doors are available in various shapes and styles depending upon the choice and space available to the customers. These doors were once in vogue as interest in these products got replaced by new styles and emerging needs. However, today’s aluminium sliding patio doors are designed to suit any kind of property and include features like:

– Workable opening designs with half or more than two-thirds movable portions;
– Bigger sliding door sizes;
– Slimmer door frames in sync with today’s style;
– Modern in design and outlook;
– Unmatched security and resistance to weather conditions;
– A diversity of colours and sizes.

Pivot Doors: A combination of glass and aluminium that simply makes these doors irresistible. Elegance redefined while ensuring optimum security, weather resistance, and style, thus, replacing the traditional lock and hinge system with the more contemporary and invisible pivot hinges. Aluminium pivot doors are now a common sight in homes and offices undergoing refurbishing owing to their spatial effect unbiased of whether the doors are open or closed.

Roof Windows: Roof windows lend an altogether different and distinguished feeling of space. As sunlight streams through the glasses of the windows, one can never complain about lack of natural light. Deemed best for houses or offices looking to convert their terraces into rooms or making the best use of areas with no open space on top, thus, ensuring that the attic rooms are not dark and remain well-ventilated irrespective of what season it is. One can also opt for a combination of aluminium sliding doors with roof windows placed at an angle, thus, augmenting the beauty of the space.

Technology has now made it possible for people to open and close their sliding doors with simply the click of a button, which means greater ease of use.

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