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All you Need to Know about Drying Cabinets

Drying cabinet is the best option to dry everything and anything that can not be easily dried in the traditional oven available in laboratories.

Drying cabinet is the perfect replacement for heating ovens available in laboratories. These insulated cabinets can help in drying those substances and instruments that a traditional oven can not dry. Glasswares, lab instruments are commonly kept in these drying cabinets not only for drying purpose but for regulating heat as well. These drying cabinets come in various sizes and every model has got different features. Temperatures can range from high to nominal as required by the instruments and laboratory gadgets.

Industries, where such drying cabinets are being used widely, are:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Cosmetics
  • Agricultural
  • Food testing
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Electronics
  • Science labs in research centers, schools, and

Types of drying cabinets available:

  • Filtered air drying cabinet: Filtered air drying cabinets are usually bigger and have a capacity of around 545 liters. It also comes with the fan to provide air circulation.
  • Economy drying cabinet: These are relatively smaller but are pocket-friendly. It is an economical solution for those who wish to use these drying cabinets but do not have enough of the budget.
  • Sliding door drying cabinet: Most commonly used, it is the most natural and straightforward conventional dryer. It is the perfect example of value for money product.

Drying cabinets are usually constructed from a specialized steel material which is rust resistant. The finish in the same is done with a white polyester powder coated with paint. Also, these drying cabinets have specialized heatproof glass doors to keep a check on the instruments kept inside the drying cabinets. The shelves inside the cabinet are made up of wire mesh and can easily be removed. It also allows adjusting the height of the same up to 25mm. The floor is perforated and heating elements of this drying cabinets are located underneath this floor. Also, the distinctive feature of heating elements present in these drying cabinets is that it is waterproof. The perforated floor is nothing but a polished stainless steel.

Doors of this drying cabinet are usually made up of solid aluminum doors. The doors are insulated in a way that does not produce heat and let you open the same with naked hands as well. As discussed earlier as well, there are various models available for such drying cabinets. You can either opt for hinge doors model or you can also opt for sliding doors model. Not only they have variations in the kind of doors they are offering but it also has models which are either wall mounted or floor standing. It is up to you and the space you have in your laboratory. The capacity of these drying cabinets can range from 100 liters to somewhere around 1000 liters. It totally depends on the model you opt for.

The temperature in these drying cabinets can exceed up to 50 degrees over and above the regular existing temperature of the room.

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