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What are Whole-House Air Purifiers

Different homes require different air purifiers. Should you have them installed in your home? Studies show that residential air filtration is an effective way to reduce the number of allergens and pollutants in the air we breathe. That is why some homeowners opt for whole-house air purifiers since they filter out more particles than their tabletop versions.

The effectiveness of these devices will depend on how much particles they can process. If you’re using an air filter that is too small for the room, it won’t be able to effectively filter out allergens, microbes, pollen, and other particulates.

What is Whole-House Air Purifiers?

Simply put, air purifiers that can filter out the air in an entire home are called whole-house filters or air purifiers. It’s the air purification system that you want to install if your goal is to clean the air in the entire house and not just in one or several rooms.

Of course, if you’re living in a small apartment, whole-house air purifiers will not be a good fit. They may even be too expensive. Note that an air purifier for an entire house will be outfitted or installed either in the furnace or HVAC ventilation. That way, the filter gets better coverage of the entire home.

Important Reminders

First off, you shouldn’t expect whole-house air purifiers to make all the air in your home smell better. Some areas will need more work like the garage or the kitchen, prone to different smells due to all the cooking that goes on there. If you need to make the air purifier more efficient, make sure that there is enough airflow in the room and the filter. You should also make sure to use the proper filters and replace them as scheduled.

Types of Whole-House Air Purifiers

The following are the different types of air purifiers that you can use for an entire home. Note that some are low-cost, while others will be pricier. Note that it doesn’t follow that a more expensive air filter or purifier is better suited for your home.

You should get the type of filter that can get rid of the particular air particle most troublesome to you. Some filters or air purifiers are better suited for removing pollen and other allergens, while others only deactivate them. Check out the descriptions below for more information.

Low-Cost Air Filters

These are, by far, the most affordable home air filters. However, they are only suited to protect your HVAC equipment. It only filters dirty air as long as your HVAC is running. It is also not a good option if you’re looking to remove unwanted odors in your home.

HEPA Filters

If you want to remove allergens in the home, this is the type of whole-house purifier you want. Make sure to check the MERV rating on the system since that will tell you how well it removes pollen and other allergens. Get the ones that have 99.97% capture-rate.

Room Air Purifiers

Room air filters are smaller versions of whole house purifiers. They still connect to your HVAC, but they only function within a single or several rooms. They’re great for bedrooms, living rooms, and other low traffic areas of the home.

Furnace Filter

A furnace filter is best-suited for the living room or the kitchen. It usually comes with carbon filters that are large enough to get rid of any smoke or smell. Some models also have UV-C germicidal lamps, which kill microbes and infectious air particles.


Air purifiers for the entire house are a better option if you want to clean out the air in your home. Some smaller versions are best suited for smaller rooms. Don’t expect a single system to clean all the air in a large home.

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