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Get Your Divorce Filed For Low Rates with a Divorce Attorney

Are you looking for a good divorce attorney in California? If yes, worry no more. You can get a divorce filled for as low cost as or even without a lawyer. The process is available in every county of California. If you need a lawyer, however, you can get one for low rates and also get;

  1. Confidential Consultation – You will be given an experienced divorce lawyer to take care of your divorce.
  1. Legal Advice And Oversight With No Extra Fee – For any legal advice, you will need during the process the firm will provide the information at no charge.
  1. Vigilant Attention Throughout The Process – Divorces can be stressful and hectic but with the help of a good divorce attorney, the process will be smooth and fast.

What To Expect From A California Divorce Attorney Process

California divorces are in two forms; a contested divorce or uncontested divorce.

  1. Contested Divorce

A contested divorce is where one party files for divorce and the other party objects what was asked for in the divorce with a written response. For instance, one party could ask for more property than the other is willing to give. Contested divorces are costly, and they could belong and hectic. It is, however, possible to represent yourself in a contested divorce instead of hiring a lawyer to avoid the costs.

  1. Uncontested Divorce

This kind of divorce is where both parties are in agreement as tow what to give or take. An uncontested divorce is fast and costs effective. In an uncontested divorce, both parties can fill the paperwork provided in court, and they must not appear in court. The process is fast, easy, cheap and less.

Uncontested Divorce Process

An uncontested California divorce according to the California statutes, the California rules of court and the local rules court entails the follows steps;

  1. File The Petition And Pay Court Fee

Every divorce proceeding must begin with this step. You must file a petition in court and pay the fee to get the necessary divorce papers. The court, in turn, provides you with an accurate number that you will use when filling the documents filled in the process.

  1. Serve The Other Party

This means the other party is given the divorce papers. The party that filed for divorce could do the serving or wait for the court to do it. If the address of the unknown address of the party being served is unknown, the court can provide permission for them to be served in a local newspaper.

  1. Execute a Marital Settlement Agreement When The Parties Are In Agreement

With a martial agreement settlement, the parties can make the process easy and cheap and less stressful for children if you have any. With this agreement, both sides can address issues with depth and settle them amicably. Also, the judgment can be passed without a court hearing; both sides will also be able to decide what they want without having a judge decide for them. Finally, the divorce attorney process is shorter and easier.

  1. File request To Enter Default

With this request, the proceeding will carry forward without any formal file response to the petition from the other party. A default file request is entered after 31 days from the day the other party was served.

  1. Submit Final Judgment

This will entail everything that each party will keep in the divorce and everything each party expects from the other.

  1. Court Passes The Judgment

The last step in the divorce process, the court will pass its final judgment and sets a termination date. The termination date is the date the marriage is dissolved. Usually, it has to be six months and one day from the day the other party was served.

Types of Court judgment In California

There are three ways to obtain a court judgment in California. True default, uncontested default, and contested default.

1) True Default – The other party did not file a response, and all issues of the marriage were resolved. All property has been divided, and the parties have addressed child support, spousal support, and custody. It usually works well with couples that have been married for only a short period and may not even have kids.

2) Uncontested Default – Usually, most California marriages end with this kind of default. Both parties are in agreement on what to take and give. They have amicably decided to end the divorce and how their child support and custody will work. They sign a marital agreement settlement that eases the process and make sit cheaper and less hectic.

3) Contested Default – In this case, the parties are not In agreement and the other parties filed a written response. The court will make all orders and decisions concerning the divorce. The judgment is expensive and long.


In California, you do not need to get a divorce lawyer to file for divorce. The state offers several resources for people who want a cheap and quick divorce. If both parties agree, the divorce will be smooth and successful without a lawyer, however, if both sides do not agree and or parties do not agree to the terms, a good lawyer is necessary. You can get a low rate lawyer from any California state.

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