Are BBQ Covers Necessary?

If one of your favourite activities involves grilling up your friends and family a delicious BBQ feast, you’re absolutely not the only one. Those who consider their BBQ their pride and joy have long wondered whether BBQ covers are really a necessary accessory for their grills, and we think this is a very fair question to ask. In this article, we take a look at whether you should – or shouldn’t – invest in a BBQ cover of your very own. 

Considering weather

If you’ve only stumbled across BBQ covers online and didn’t know they were a popular accessory beforehand, it’s far from an uncommon occurrence. This is often because these covers aren’t necessarily a crucial barbecuing accessory, but that doesn’t at all mean they don’t have their place in the barbecue pantheon. There are often people in both camps that will argue for or against BBQ covers, but your personal need for one will often just depend on where you live and the kind of BBQ you have and the related brand. Location is an important factor to consider (and perhaps the most important) simply because certain geographical locations have a lot more intense weather than others. Heavy rain throughout the year can work to slowly cause your BBQ to slowly rust and intense sunshine can also cause your barbecue to lose some of its colour vibrancy if it has been painted at all. If you live in certain parts of Australia that experience snow every now and then, you might also find that your barbecue not only gets filled up on top with a thick layer of snow – it often finds its way inside as well. 

Why a BBQ Cover Might not be Necessary for Your Needs

Although the weather extremes we mentioned might cause some damage to your precious barbecue, this shouldn’t necessarily be cause for you to run out and grab the first BBQ cover you see. This is because covers applied to BBQs in damp and humid areas can actually cause damage by trapping troublesome moisture, which can eventually lead to internal corrosion. If you don’t live in an area that has particularly problematic weather either way, getting a cover can often just be up to your tastes and a desire to protect a potentially very expensive investment. Barbecues made of higher quality materials will obviously last longer than cheapo alternatives, but when covers only cost a fraction of the total price, it’s often a no harm investment. 

Choosing a High Quality Cover

If you do go down the barbecue cover route, make sure you don’t just go out and grab the cheapest possible one you can find. If you’re trying to protect your investment, you shouldn’t exactly be buying something that is made from inferior materials and craftsmanship, as it simply isn’t built for the job. In this situation, spend a few dollars more for better peace of mind. For anyone with a cover who may have accidentally forgotten to put it on before a storm or similar, it’s also important to note that there’s no need to worry. Issues that develop in barbecues take time, so if you give it a good wipe down as soon as you’re able it should help your BBQ feel as good as new.

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