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Important Factors to Consider Before Buying Stone Effect Porcelain Tiles

Imagine you get a golden opportunity to revitalise your dull garden area into a welcoming space with a modern appeal. Be it any austere outdoor stretch or a lifeless kitchen; porcelain tiles can do the magic transforming your living space where you can enjoy and entertain your guests, leaving them awestruck.

But choosing from an array of materials, colours, textures, and styles can be overwhelming. You have to play safe and not fall for a highly-expensive option that can negatively impact your home resale value, leaving you deeply frustrated. 

With the surge in demand for stone-effect tiles due to printing technology advancements, stone effect porcelain tiles show no signs of abating anytime soon. Here are some prime aspects to consider before buying this porcelain tile variety for your outdoors and indoors you wish to adorn.

Consider Before Buying This Porcelain Tile


Natural stones like marble can scratch easily, looking worn out in high traffic areas. On the other hand, durability is a big plus for stone effect tiles of porcelain make.

They stand the test of time, ensuring they withstand pressure, damage and hard-wearing, in the long run. Check with a reputed porcelain tiles expert to confirm the pieces you purchase meet the durability requirements.

Maintenance Requisites

Unlike marble, which needs high maintenance, stone effect porcelain tiles don’t demand lots of upkeep. Simple regular cleaning will do; the tiles would look as brand new as the day you got them installed on your property.

Ensure you won’t need much sealing and filling work to keep the tiles in top condition, not the case with other natural stone options.

Desired Design and Style

Before choosing the perfect piece, it is best to think through and decide the design and style you wish for your space. 

Consider the area you wish to lay these porcelain tiles, say in an area around your pool or a barbeque and an entertainment corner. Be clear about the aesthetics you want before you start shopping; go for a style that will resonate with your taste.

Right Colour Coordination

While maintaining colour coordination in your home interior, having a complimenting colour scheme in your outdoor area can make all the difference.

Experts would recommend going for lighter shades to brighten darker regions and toned-down colours for lit-up spaces. The stone effect porcelain tiles come in warm natural tones with a spell-bound rustic vibe. Choose colours that will give your dwelling a bold and sophisticated look, elevating its appeal in line with the next-gen demands.


The UK is known for its freezing temperatures, and rugged natural materials like marble and terracotta don’t stand a chance, eventually leading to cracking in winters.

When you look for a suitable tile, consider your geographical location and its associated weather patterns. 

While porcelain is quite durable and shows low porosity, the stone-effect sets a perfect balance between beauty and luxury. Its low absorbent rate makes it frost resistant, and low porosity implies rare chances of rot staining. On the other hand, porcelain makes an excellent choice for summer months, retaining its vibrant tones all along, thanks to its UV resistant characteristics. 


Natural materials such as marble are quite slippery when wet, sometimes fatal. While porcelain exhibits similar traits, the stone-effect fabricated tiles can be produced with high resistance to slip, making them a safer option over natural tiles. 

Check with an expert for the slip-resistance rating; they will suggest a higher value for outdoor tile applications. While the rating varies from one place to another, make a safer choice to live peacefully through heavy rains and a misty climate.


While natural stone options will cost you over a hundred pounds, the fabricated stone-effect tiles come at reasonable rates, making them a less-pricey addition to your home.

See if you can afford the elegant look, easy maintenance and durability, all at a smaller price tag, to make a cost-effective tile purchase.

Syncing the Stone-effect Tile Style with Your Home Theme

No matter how important other factors are, the final porcelain tile design you choose should match your home appeal. 

A smart way to achieve this is to run the same tiles from inside out into the outdoor space you wish to cover with stone-effect tiles. With the same décor in the home interior, you can achieve a seamless extension of your living space into your garden and patio.

Summing Up

Thanks to the neutral colour choices and durability, the stone-effect tiles made of porcelain are the perfect choice for almost any space. 

Consult an experienced specialist to understand every element related to this porcelain tile to make an informed decision. You can then pick the perfect stone effect porcelain tiles with the right soft tones, featuring striking vein details like natural stone, thus creating an overall unique look for your property.

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