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If You Are Arrested for a DUI Case In Las Vegas Then What You Should Do?

Las Vegas is now one of the self-proclaimed entertainment capitals of the world and often people like to visit the place for either bachelor parties or other entertainment purposes.

Let us suppose you consumed alcoholic drinks and after driving a few miles, you were stopped by the local police. Thereafter, police arrested you under a DUI charge. Police took your breath analyzer test or blood report as evidence.

Then you were released from jail and served with a notice to appear in the local station on a certain date. Now, what action should you take?

You can then hire any DUI lawyer, who has many experienced lawyers in this field, and as Las Vegas lawyers, their job will be to collect various favorable evidence in your favor so that your driving license can be saved.

Along those lines, also you must take necessary steps to help lawyers to prepare your defense. The following are the few steps that you must take to defend your case.

  • Call someone after your arrest
  • List out all your activities before arrest
  • Collect the bills of what you had eaten and drank
  • Discuss your case with the lawyer
  • Get yourself evaluated for GERD and other stomach conditions
  • See your dentist
  • Notate any latest exposure to any chemicals that may have contaminated your DUI breath testing
  • Visit the Scene where you were arrested for Las Vegas DUI case
  • Talk to Any Sober Witnesses who were present within your car or nearby
  • Ensure that your DUI attorney will contact within 7 days the Nevada DMV

After you have been arrested due to Las Vegas DUI case, you will be facing 2 separate proceedings:

  • DMV hearing
  • Criminal court process.

Your driving license will get suspended 7 days after the arrest by the DMV. So, you have got only 7 days for requesting an administrative hearing in Nevada regarding the DMV after your DUI arrest.

If you do not make any request then your license will get automatically suspended. Automatically, your hearing will pause the license suspension.

Your hearing will be conducted like any typical court trial, however, an administrative judge is going to act both as judge and prosecutor, and no jury will be there.

This DMV hearing will be entirely different from any criminal court proceedings which are done through the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Criminal courts basically impose fines and sometimes incarceration too for a DUI. All that DMV will do is suspend the driver’s license of the defendant if the blood alcohol level of the driver is either .08 or above.

In some instances, even your license is suspended, still you can apply for a certain “restricted license” later after a few days have passed.

A “restricted” driver’s license will be more limited as compared to a permanent license. With this license, you can drive your car for going to work, visit the doctor, visit children at school, and even the grocery store.

You must avoid posting anything about your arrest on any social network sites like Linkedin as that can also go against your case.

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