7 Signs Your Industrial Door Needs to Be Repaired

Did you know that an industrial door is essential for commercial building security? It provides the necessary protection for valuable equipment and your employees. Now imagine if it starts malfunctioning and you don’t know the signs.

Despite its importance, only a few operators do proper industrial door maintenance.

Before your door becomes irreparable, looking out for the signs of repair early on is crucial. Do you know some of them? Here are the seven industrial door repair signs you need to know.

Creates Unusual Noises

Not all industrial doors are silent when in use. Many old industrial door options make a bit of noise when they operate.

Unusual noises are often loud straining and creaking sounds. These noises often happen when your door lacks lubricant. The sounds result from spring or opener issues.

Observe the sounds coming from the doors, and have them cleaned and greased. When the noise persists, you have to get new industrial door supplies to replace old parts.

Has Sagging or Misaligned Sections

Experts recommend that operators do a biannual balance test for their industrial doors. This test makes you aware of any disconnection between the door and manual operation. Remember that the industrial door left midway should not continue to move.

Sagging doors are common issues of sunken or crooked support posts. You can solve this by getting the proper-sized operator or replacing worn-out hardware.

Has Rust or Damaged Parts

Long-time, unmaintained industrial doors will get rusty and damaged faster. Having cracks, scratches, and rust will lower the aesthetic value of the building.

Make sure that you do a routine inspection on all your industrial doors. That way, you can find any signs of corrosion and other types of damage. Keep in mind to sand and cover rusted areas with specialized primers.

Gets Stuck Halfway

Dirt and debris buildup can cause your automatic door to get stuck halfway. This issue often comes from irregular door cleanup and maintenance.

Always keep your door clean from dirt and debris. Aside from that, include cleaning the tracks, rollers, and hinges. Doing this will protect them from premature wear.

It Does Not Lock

Industrial doors that don’t lock create a security risk. Having this issue means that you have a damaged latching mechanism. Electrical or alignment problems can also cause your door to keep opening.

You can also check if the magnetic lock is having problems receiving power.

Keeps Moving Even With an Obstruction

Most industrial doors nowadays have sensors that help stop and reverse their movements. This design allows the door to control how it moves whenever something enters its tracks. When this safety feature gets damaged, you have to get a professional to inspect and repair it.

Unresponsive Doors

When your automatic door becomes unresponsive, start checking for a power outage. For doors with car remotes, check the batteries and have them replaced. You can also check by disconnecting the automatic opener.

Unresponsive doors often result from dirt and mold buildup around the sensors. A freezing temperature can also affect the battery and gears.

Knowing the 7 Tell-Tale Signs of a Damaged Industrial Door

Businesses use their industrial door 24/7. Because of its daily usage, keeping it well-maintained is essential. Once you neglect industrial doors, they get damaged sooner.

Understanding the industrial door repair signs will help you avoid spending more.

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