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When to Hire a Car Accident Attorney

Most people claim that accidents happen at any time.  In reality, when accidents happen they leave victims in their wake. However, while some victims can pick themselves up after an accident without legal representation, others are not so lucky. Victims of accidents can be left with physical and emotional scars for months – even years on end. If you’ve been involved in a car accident or any other type of personal injury case, it’s important to know the right time to hire a lawyer. There are several instances when consulting with an attorney is warranted, from insurance claim disagreements to full-blown lawsuits. Here are some of them:

When Your Rights Have Been Violated

Life doesn’t come with an instruction manual or handbook that outlines what your rights are. It’s up to you to know what they are and when you’re entitled to them. Unfortunately, insurance companies do not always play by the rules. If an insurer offers a settlement that is too low or denies your claim altogether, it’s time to contact a lawyer because only a thorough investigation into the accident will be enough proof for an insurance company to reconsider.

When You Have Been Injured

Victims of car accidents suffer from mild to severe injuries. Whether you have whiplash or a more serious condition, injuries need time to heal – especially if they require extensive medical intervention and treatment. Unfortunately, most insurers try to convince accident victims with minor injuries that their case isn’t worth pursuing while encouraging victims of more serious conditions that they can help in ensuring that the negligent party handles all their medical needs.

Hiring a professional car accident lawyer early on in the process allows victims to get what they are entitled to while also allowing time to recover from their injuries fully. If an insurance company tries to shortchange you or your physical condition worsens due to lack of adequate treatment, it’s time to consult with a lawyer who can help in both these scenarios.

When You Want Justice

While most car accidents are just that – accidents – some may not be so clear-cut. When an accident is caused by reckless driving or negligence, legal representation will provide the victim with the justice they deserve and ensure that their well-being is accounted for in court proceedings. Life isn’t fair, but when you’ve been dealt a bad hand as the result of another person’s actions, justice can be served by hiring an accident lawyer.

When You Want to Avoid Future Problems

It might appear like time wastage after your case has been completed and you want closure, but there are still other benefits of being represented by legal counsel. For starters, having an experienced accident attorney on your side provides future protection if any further harm comes to you or someone else due to the same circumstances that led up to your original injuries. It also deters insurance companies from trying to get away with paying you less than they should out of fear of being taken back to court. They will negotiate on your behalf and get the money you deserve for your injuries. In particular, hiring a car accident lawyer means avoiding future problems before they occur by getting everything you deserve from the get-go.

In cases of car accidents, hiring a lawyer can mean the difference between being compensated for your injuries and medical bills or being taken advantage of by an insurance company. There’s no need to be intimidated since most lawyers will offer a free consultation that allows both parties to see if they are right for one another. Victims may even qualify for free legal services in some instances, so it never hurts to ask.

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